Should I lose faith in Humanity & the Midst of the Holy Month

Something's isn't right with this world. Correction. The world is fine, it's just the people are behaving out of the norms these days. Going on killing sprees, talking sh*t about other people, spreading lies and so on and so forth.

All these years and we learnt nothing about being a human being? It's like we lost all sense of compassion and we just end up being rude and obnoxious and bringing down other people like we just completely lose respect for humanity.

Honestly, reading through comments in the social media, both local and overseas, can be nauseating like you're here thinking about how selfish and hurtful they are. How would they feel if other people talk like that about the people they care about.

Anyway, life still goes on even though we still have a long way to learn about how to respect people and be compassionate instead of just thinking the world owes us a living.

On the other spectrum, I am also touched by the gestures of Singaporeans who would rally together to help those who are in need of assistance. The fact that the media and some other local websites focus their attention on people in real everyday situations. Shedding some light on them on how they navigate through life despite the hardship and difficulties that they are facing.

Everyday is a blessing for them. It's even more of a blessing when they can actually have proper meals instead of having meals of rationed food that will need to last for longer days. We often end up jaded in life like go to work, go home, have dinner, watch tv or surf net and then go to sleep. We end up living in a cocoon where we don't know what is going on around us. We complain about how tough life is and sure I can't deny that that there are days where it gets pretty challenging and you are out of wit's end sometimes.

But always think positive. There are days that are tough for me too. It used to be a lot tougher back then when my pay was pretty low. Now that my pay is higher, unfortunately, things are more expensive than back in those days when I first started working. This pay, on top of the online shop I'm running, is still quite tough too. 

However, I still give myself permission to buy things that I like such as make up and crafty things. But instead of going overboard, I am still careful. I will continue to earn money from side income because I enjoy making money apart from my regular income. It's more than just making money but it's also an extension of my interest. But with such side income, I like the freedom of spending and then knowing you'll earn back part of it the next few days. Of course if I'm 'good', I will get to keep more. This income also help me to support my family like buying food for them. My mum doesn't cook every day but we still need to eat, same as when I'm at work. So it helps to defray my expenses a bit.

I watched this show recently that showcase another side of Singapore where among the Muslim community, there are those who struggle to make ends meet because honestly, it's expensive living in Singapore. Since this is the Ramadan or the holy month, we are encouraged to do more good deeds. And it's also when the Muslims pay zakat or donation that will go into charity to help the less advantaged people. It's a compulsory thing to do, just like fasting during Ramadan. But we are also encouraged to donate more because the brownie points that we receive from God are twofold which of course will benefit us when we pass on.

So on tv, there will be programmes to highlight the plight of some Muslim families and how our donation or zakat will benefit these families. But I like how they also showed families that used to struggle a lot, even to a point of staying at the Changi beach, because their electricity and water bills got cut off. But instead of just surrender to their fate, they made effort to seek help. This was where they will also inform of the various Muslim groups that these families will be referred to when they need help and how they can help. Basically, they are assisted in finding a job, upgrading their skills and their young children benefit from education with free or subsidised tuition.

Basically they provide the means to survive and fend for themselves instead of just relying on handouts which I think is a good thing. You can't always rely on other people. Sure you can seek help if you struggle but ultimately you need to also stand up on your own two feet because we mostly don't just live for ourselves but for others too such as our loved ones.

I hope you're good and continue to do good deeds, whether in this holy month or even when you're not a Muslim. Even if it's a small gesture, it still goes a long way. Also, don't be too hard on yourself if things are not as good. I believe that not all days are bad. It's within our capacity to be a good person and not being too emotional and affecting other people around us like they don't deserve to get  the brunt of your anger or dissatisfaction. 

Okay I shall stop ranting. Stay positive and make each day count.

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