Saturday, June 24, 2017

Leading an Honest Living..Even When Things Get Difficult Financially

My brother lectured me recently about how I'm so calculative and why after so many years, we are still poor. I can't answer him because I can't argue with him that we're still so poor with little savings to get by. Basically I don't like to lead a pay to pay type of lifestyle and I prefer getting a second income. I want to be able to spend without too much worries about how little I will have after I spend on this or that. He's right about the calculative part. I tend to use my phone calculator and do a check on how much balance I have left if it's able to last me until the next week or so. 

Honestly  I don't like this. What I like is earning money, even in small amounts me, a little goes a along way. Of course I don't mind having more but this is as much as I can do with what little capital I have which mostly come from my pay. 

Now I am not going to discuss about my financial situation as it can be a tad boring to talk about as it's more or less the same sad story. To me, what matters is I continue to stay strong and do as much as I can to keep the finances afloat until the next month's pay without depriving my family too much. Besides being careful in my expenses, it also means working hard to bring some money as and when I could.

I admire how other people, who are also in financial difficulties, still manage to put up a brave front that you do not know that they're facing problems back home. The life they paint on the social media or in front of their friends and family is a stark difference to what they are actually going through in life. Yet they still continue to do the best that they can. 

Sadly, some resort to things like stealing money at work which is a breach of trust. I know where they come from. It can be a struggle supporting the family especially when the expenses can be overbearing no matter how much we try to scrimp and save. However, it is still not right because no matter what, we must make an honest living. It's better to get a part-time job as a supplement to the main job, than resort to stealing. Because the consequence can be hard to face especially when we can lose the job which means zero income. We also don't want our family to suffer if we are charged for it..aka facing jail time.

We all want to have a better life for the family. But at the same time, we cannot be too sucked in by the joy in people's faces when we see families dining in places where we will never step in unless we have some extra money or something. We shouldn't compare ourselves and feel bad about it later because each family has their own strengths. As long as we're honest in our living, being positive and continue to be determined to provide a better life for ourselves and our family, good things will come our way.

Now many of us may have just a few hundred dollars in the bank to last until the next pay. I'm one of them too. The tight financial situation we are facing can be a source of problem where families can break into arguments with each other. But during difficult times like this, we must be able to stay strong. Don't let it take away our happiness. Seek help if needed. Our happiness goes beyond the dollars and cents. But never give up and continue to achieve for a better life. Even it means not going on holidays or stay in hotels, the point is to keep the family together and going strong in good times and in bad times. We can overcome this challenging period, pick ourselves up and brace for a better life one day.

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