Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Walkabout in the NS50 Army Open House 2017

A few weeks ago, we attended the Army Open House 2017 and it was so surreal to see so many of their vehicles on full display and open for photo taking too, on top of the vehicles. But I didn't get to climb up but just take photos of them from the ground. We definitely had come a long way from the basic vehicles to what we have now, all high techie stuffs. 

There were long queues for photo taking and they were kind enough to let people come up for group taking. Of course they won't take them for a ride but I think that would provide a different kind of experience. So far, this was the closest that we can get to such war machines, besides seeing them on National Day parades.

It was also in conjunction of celebrating NS50 where 50 years ago, National Service was introduced. All Singaporean men are required to perform 2 years of National Service where they will go through basic military training to equip them with skills should one day *touch wood* Singapore has a war crisis. Even though our last war ended in 1945 and looking at how we are under the close watch of terrorists and so close to war torn countries, we must always be prepared. Plus the fact that we are a small country, we can easily be targetted and finished off easily if we do not have the military expertise, be it equipments or manpower.

My brother is currently serving NS and within almost a year, he has learnt to drive many types of vehicles as a transport operator. Honestly it was tough for him at first, learning the basics of manual driving and he almost gave up and it didn't help many of his friends were dropping from the course as well. But after a prep talk from me, which didn't come often unlike it's a crisis like, he managed to overcome his worries and pull through. Slowly he took the time to learn through his books and youtube, learning his mistakes through practice, and now he has a military licence and authorised to drive up to class 4 vehicles. Now that is some achievement as compared to the older sister who can't even drive, haha.

Looking at how big the vehicles are and how he pointed that these were similar to the ones he drives, my heart skipped a beat. I don't know how else to emphasise how big and scary these vehicles looked and can't imagine myself as a driver sitting in them. It must be awfully scary for the then 21 year old brother of mine learning to drive these biggies and now I can fully understand why he wanted to give up at first too.

But it's an experience for him and skills that he learns for free but for a lifetime.

There was a mixture of older and younger Army personnel and my goodness, do they look buffed and tanned. Up to that point, I did secretly wished I have an Army boyfriend. But looking at the girls whose heart they've captured, as they walked around with them and showcasing how's army life for them (usually we don't care..but we will still be proud..haha), these girls are quite attractive. So yeah, just like footballers and models. 

Moving on..

We also watched a performance by the military band and they were backed up with dancers, of course not from the Army, and together they were amazing. At the end of it, suddenly there were fireworks in the background which gave the whole experience to the NS50 Army Open House to another level.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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