Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I want to be More Intelligent. Learning to be More Questioning

I often read articles about the going ons in the world, both local and foreign and I actually also like to read the comments section. Yes I know that there are a lot of keyboard warriors out there and holier than thou people but honestly, there are those who are actually quite intelligent you can't help but question the objectives of the articles or the subjects being mentioned too. I do read and then do not always agree a 100% but that's about it like I would be thinking hmm..but never quite put these thoughts into words. Puzzled yes but not criticise. Like there was this article about this 20 year old girl who have to support, I think 13 family members on her income of $1500 per month. She was seeking public donation to help with her plight through a charity website.

Then I thought she's not the youngest and there are those who are older than her, what are they doing. But I kinda pushed that thought to the back of mind, not thinking much about it except how pitiful she is.

After that I read in the comments section and someone had the same thoughts as mine though she chose to make it known and gave some harsh words about the older siblings as well. Like I want to pity your state now but really, what are the rest doing too.

Because for awhile now I try not to take things word for word as a story can be interpreted in many ways but for convenience sake, most of the time we just take it at face value. But we have to learn to be more questioning. The article can show one aspect only or one point of view, mainly in the reporter's point of view or the interviewee's point of view. But there is another side to it. We can't agree with it wholeheartedly.

Even at work, you have to question certain things too, besides questioning the, because we can get too comfy with the procedures.

But in terms of the articles we read whether online or in the papers, besides of course factual things that happen like accidents or murders, even stories that are meant to inspire us or gather sympathy from us can be questioned as well. Besides the one mentioned above about the 20 year old being the sole provider, the article is about a guy who turned his life around and made good on his promises after the death of his son.

Again, I can't help but feel inspired by him like how he made it from point zero to being a motivational coach. But through out the article, I can't help but also think about how much he went through in life as a bankrupt, being jobless and carrying out odd jobs to make end meet, he could still have the means to give in to vices such as smoking and drinking. Oh, and own a car too.

But the one that 'triggered' for me was when he went through so much in life being in financial difficulties and clearing his huge debt, one would expect him to live in a small comfortable home and not some condo. But he did got himself and his 2nd new wife a condo after marriage.

Look, I'm not here to pinpoint the guy into being a little shady with his backstory. But rather, how people should not take it word for word, in writing or in speaking. After all, there are just some things people would rather not disclose to the public. 

We are not to also dictate what kind of house he should live in, considering his financial status prior to that. It started off good and inspiring but in the later part of the article, it became more and  more sketchy and it's just about the condo as the new home for his new family. Like how he managed to pay and having his bankruptcy discharged even though it wasn't the full amount paid yet. He did a few things like publishing a book and listening to others when they advise them. In short his life changed for the better.

Still,  people questioned his sort of lifestyle, akin to the lifestyle of someone who loves a high life such as car ownership and purchasing a condo despite how much he has gone through previously. Sure it's an odd choice but the guy probably has been raking in money from a probably well paid job plus his bankruptcy status held on for 12 years has been dissolved. 

Yes there are a lot of constructive criticism but it doesn't always mean they are right. But we can train ourselves our mind to see another point of view too.

Another case in point is just today where there were complains on social media regarding this home baked business who makes unique looking cakes that are cute and attractive to young children. But the disappointments faced by parents who didn't get their cakes despite having fully paid for it and then being promised to deliver the cake on the celebration day itself.

To have the agony of finding a replacement cake which of course could be just some generic birthday cake for a kid who looks forward to a celebration such as this and imagine how the parents feel having to disappoint their kid. But she later apologised despite the initial MIA she did and posted a pretty lengthy and repetitive lines of asking for forgiveness and then wanting to change for good by knowing the purpose of why she started this cake making.

Sure there are people who accept and for me honestly, I thought it sounded sketchy like how many times must she apologise and then not mentioning the reason of her being MIA for that case. But again being me, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. And then there's the group who is on the other fence, who like me, think that her apology seems insincere and strongly feels she will do it again. 

And then she did but worse. She didn't make herself MIA by responding to messages but unfortunately, only gave empty promises about delivering cake which of course, didn't get delivered as well.

This post is not about her irresponsibility but rather, how we should be more discerning and intelligent about reading between the lines. I think to me too, it also makes for an interesting conversation with people but without crossing the line by dismissing their point of view.

So go on, start reading articles on current news, interviews or articles and start to make your own judgments by learning to question and reading between the lines. Let's at least try appear smarter when discussing with people even though we may still a ditzy person at heart, lol..we can always pretend.

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