Welcoming in 2017 Part Two

We started the new year's eve watching the free movie at the Esplanade Park and they were showing Kungfu Panda 3. I watched part one but not part three and it was an enjoyable start of our celebration. After that, we kepo kepo (busy body) went to the Zumba workout session held by Health Promotion Board and saw how energetic the people were following the difficult to follow (at least to me..) steps to fitness. I would have messed up from step one..haha!!

So holding on to my sanity, we then walked to another area, where there was another movie screening showing X Men Days of Future Past. We didn't want to sit down and watch again so we walked around the area which started to get crowded little by little and there were people selling food, street performances and then we got hungry. Finding the toilet was not a problem because nearby the National Gallery Singapore, the place was quite empty. I pity the ushers who had to keep telling people where the toilet was..heh.


Time moved pretty fast and soon it was almost 11pm and we were famished. So we went to a nearby McDonald's at Raffles City but dang, the line was so long. But there was another outlet nearby like about 10 minutes walk and thankfully, it was less crowded. I think this is where we made a tiny mistake.

We were quite tired walking around that we didn't feel like we wanted to move out but we had to. So we left quite late and then we made the mistake of not going back to the venue and travelled..or rather..ran..to the nearby mrt station to go to somewhere near to where we went just now but further down. 

The clock was ticking and by the time we reached, with my shoe almost giving way, the fireworks were on full display already. Aww..we missed the countdown! But then again, the fireworks were magnificent and we had our first argument on how we didn't manage our time properly and we didn't get the best view being here instead of where we were supposed to be.

By the time the fireworks finished, that was where the challenge of going home came. Crowds of people started to emerge to make their way down to the MRT stations and we were thinking of whether to join the crowd or walk down further to a bus stop and take the midnight bus.

However, we went one big round because every turn we wanted to make to go to the bus stop, the road was blocked. Eventually I said I would take the lead..which was to...turn back and go to that same MRT station where we had come from. My brother was like fine...because he hated crowd..and well, because of him too, we missed the countdown.

By the time we made the u turn, the crowd was much lesser as the waves of the earlier crowd had almost cleared. When we were in the train, even though we had to stand, it wasn't too crowded either so it was still a pretty comfortable ride. 

Then thinking back, we felt that okay, at least we didn't get stuck in the crowds nearer to areas where the fireworks display were clearer. It was massive and many of the people were not Singaporeans too and I don't know if it was just me, they seemed more ready to celebrate the new year than us Singaporeans who would rather go home straight and sleep instead of having an after party,  haha..

Anyway, enjoy the pictures below!!

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