Sunday, January 29, 2017

Celebrating Our Extended CNY weekend with Prata

If you're celebrating Chinese New Year, well..Happy New Year!! It's usually around this time that most shops are closed. Shopping malls will almost be like a ghost town but I dunno, nowadays, they are closed for like a day and the next day, many shops are already opened even though traditionally, CNY is celebrated over two consecutive days. Can't wait to make the moolah, eh.

Anyway, yesterday we spent the evening at our favourite prata haunt. It's at Spring Leaf Restaurant over at Bukit Timah. We took a train down Hillview and walked about 10 minutes to the railway mall. We ordered our usual murtaburger which is basically like a burger but in a prata skin with lotsa cheese and mayonnaise. If you want to make your calorie laden food worth it, you should get this. They also have the ultimate murtabak which looks huge by the way and judging from the number of times I see plates of it pass by my table, this seems popular. Strangely, there were quite a lot of Chinese people in their traditional clothing stopping by here for dinner. I assumed most of them drive and this place is quite quaint outside the mall and finding parking space wouldn't be a problem. Behind the mall is the Bukit Timah hills and honestly, it looks pretty much like Malaysia with its hilly background.

There were some CNY decorations outside the mall which is basically a row of single story shophouses. 

Murtaburger was not pictured here but these were our main plates. I loved my cheese, onion and egg prata

Ignore my cake-y looking under eyes. It's a make up mishap. Anyway, enjoying my teh chino here

As usual, we headed down to Coffee Bean which is a few shops down. At first it was not crowded and then after I made my order, suddenly there was quite a long line until the baristas kinda lost their momentum like forgetting one of my orders including the person before me as they tried to rush. No matter how busy you are, you have to ensure your customers get what the ordered. 

Gosh, I think time is not on my side already..looking older already, haha

Meanwhile, this guy is barely into his be 21 again!
After this, somebody wanted to take the long bus journey ride. But the journey was quite a breeze because from the time we took the bus from outside the Hillview mrt, we were the last passenger all the way to Millenia Walk. The whole journey was a 40 minute ride and besides us, there was a small group of passengers behind and they dropped few stops before us. This never happened to us before, lol.

So that was our adventure on the 1st day of the extended weekend. Yayness. Next stop tomorrow, Sentosa.

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