Christmas Wonderland 2016

So the Christmas season come and go and now we're two days into the new year of 2017. But I will backtrack a bit sharing with you what we were up to last Saturday. We went to the Christmas wonderland, like we do every year, from when they first started it. But this time round, due to its huge popularity, we had to pay $8.00 for the entrance as it was expected that a lot of people will come. The crowd was well managed, actually up to a certain point, and not enough directions were put out to actually tell us where to head to. But because we had gone there a few times, we roughly know where to go, but of course we did a few wrong turns. 

Upon entry, it was actually not overly crowded despite being the Christmas eve. Also maybe because it was raining since earlier on. So we could walk around comfortably. We actually waited in anticipation in the rain for the snow machine to blow out snow bits, actually more like frosty ice, and we stood there for 15 minutes. Actually my brother saw the machines were covered but well you know, miracles do happen, haha. 

So okay, after being really sure there won't be snow, we started walking around past game and food baths to a mini concert where there were people singing the Christmas carols. Then we walked around again with our one single umbrella and we saw some booths had queues while some did not. There was one guy supposed to man the booth in the rain without shelter but poor thing, he was in the rain in his raincoat but no one was interested in playing. 

The super trees were playing an interlude of popular Christmas songs with the lights dancing around. Honestly, it was quite magical although it was the same thing every year, including the songs. We watched another concert and they had a young female singer as the special guest with such nice jazzy voice singing Santa Baby.

It was pretty cold because the rain did not stop and then we went back to the dome at the given timing and finally the snow machine churned out the snow flakes although only one was on. Still, it was pretty magical and the closest ever to snow without the frost bites. Then we headed back out and the first time we actually took the lift and it was not crowded at all. 

We then took the bus down to have our dinner in town and I had the Samurai Burger from McDonald's for the last time before they bring it back again. Then we had the Speculoos Cheesecake from Coffeebean and it was so delish, we ate it again when we went there on Wednesday to take back our umbrella which we had left there when we tried to rush for the bus.

So that was our adventure. We ended up walking late because we didn't watch our time and the barista took forever to pack the cake. 

Enjoy the pictures below!!

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