Sunday, January 22, 2017

Late Brunch with the Girls at Butter Studio

We may be busy with our schedules but we make it a point to do gatherings and though it's not as often as the last time, we made an effort to meet up and catch up. 

The last gathering we had was last September and though it was quite a while back, we kept it going with our WhatsApp group chat. But of course the best is to meet up with each other face to face. And that's what we did in this very late  brunch but nevertheless, it was like a low key tea party for us.

Cupcakes and the delish salted caramel red velvet cake from Butter Studio
The location is at a quaint shophouse beside a main road so it is quite easy to get there. The place is called Butter Studio and you can google it to know where is the location. I went here once before and loved how it wasn't crowded and you can simply chill out and catch up with your friends and even do some quiet research unlike the forever busy Starbucks outlets.

While waiting for one of our friends to come, they had these Photo Booth props at the tables and we had fun taking pictures with them. 

So our dear friend finally came and we had chosen this prop for her..haha..

How apt right?

Anyway, we were reminiscing about school days and my friend just like randomly scrolled through pictures from the wedding of our friend. Then we talked about how my friend is like the character from 27 Dresses where she was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Then she showed us her cutie newborn niece.

I didn't quite have a good day before this with my cranky mum but spending time with them made me forget about the sadness I had earlier on dealing with her neurotic behaviour. So I always believe some friendships help to keep your sanity and I'm forever thankful that we still manage to catch up with one another every now and then.

Posing besides the delicious cupcakes
This is such a good start of the year and I hope we continue our friendship despite the many changes that we go through in life. 

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