Welcoming in 2017 Part One

So it's been a week since we last welcomed in 2017. Hope things have turned out okay for you..or at least, quite manageable. Everyday I try to think about moving forward and not wanting to make mistakes fairly easily. Now my main motivation in life is to have a better future. Sometimes I see other people and think why can't I be as happy as them. I know behind closed doors they may problems of their own too but I'm sure each one of us has our own unique strengths to overcome the obstacles that will make us stronger than we ever were before.

Then there is another side of argument that we should be grateful for what we have already like a roof over our head, food on the table and so on. But is that all we lead ourselves..to be good enough only? We are also capable of achieving great things in life. I always think about how am I going to cope with the school fees and going to school after work when my body will be so exhausted. Not forgetting the tests, exams, projects etc etc...and also dealing with new work demands that I thought I am not capable of handling. Of course there are ups and downs but you just tell yourself that you can pull through and do even better.

Now I've graduated with a diploma and then hopefully in the near future, I want to further my education again which means going through the cycle all over again. Because of that diploma too, despite my dismal work performance thanks to my former manager who somehow had something against me back then, I managed to get a post in the HQ after the interview process because I really wanted to move out and gain new learning exposure. I have to leave behind a place where I've grown comfortable. Pretty much how I had left my former work place being the first to resign from the batch that had been outsourced to a private company. 

As long as you know what you want out of life, if God willing and through sheer hard work and determination, you know you will progress in life. Of course life is full of setbacks but just remember, whatever you do, begin with the end in mind. You want to have a good life for you and your family, then you jolly well pull yourself up and get your sh*t together. Don't let other people suffer because of your ill judgments in life that you can't see beyond what it is right now.

Let's go through 2017 with a fresh start and write down your personal mission statements for each area of your life. Spend like 2 to 3 min or so reading through them before you start the day so that your life evolves around these statements instead of making baseless decisions or the same mistakes again because you don't have a tight grip on the values in your life. 

All the best!!

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