Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When the Year End Bonus Comes In..

So I just received my salary and the 13th bonus with a little 0.5 extra bonus which usually goes to my mum. I know I always tell this to myself every year that I am going to put this aside and use as little as possible. I didn't buy clothes, accessories or big stuffs this year, well except for make up and skincare that costs me $150 in total plus an annual treat to Seoul Garden, more on that in a later post, even though I could afford them now. 

I guess the last few months have been hard for me up to a point, I am grateful I prayed to God to help me in times of my low moments when I didn't have much money left. The help came in a form of the money that was given to me for payment of something. I used the money to help me tide over my financial difficulties for that one week prior to receiving my salary. Coz in that same week too, the kitchen light blew and we had to call for repair that cost us $40 which frankly speaking was all the money I got :(

But life has to go on, right? I had since paid the money back without anyone knowing I borrowed the money. I had also returned my brother his money who had graciously, ok fine...grudgingly, loaned me some money when I was running very low in cash. I've also stashed away almost one month's worth of pay, after the cpf deduction, to another account which is to be used for things like repair of home, case in the point, the kitchen light. We had also quite recently fixed the toilet pipe and the kitchen pipe, and I wouldn't be able to pay them if I had not kept a little stash of money away from the sales of my online shop.

I would have stashed a little bit more away but because I had to return the money I borrowed for that one week, it had to come from somewhere. I still have some money for daily expenses although admittedly, it's running a little low so whatever money I make from making cards, will go here instead. If there's no urgency in using the cash that I had stashed away, it will remain in there. Now I just have to be a little leaner in spending like how things were before I got paid in December.

I don't need to go on holidays and I don't need to buy expensive items. I know many others go on holidays with their family and it's actually really nice to see them spend their time in countries which I do not think I will ever go in my life, haha. I don't want to be pessimistic because dreams do come true if you think you can. But I also have to be realistic. They too have financial commitments such as their children's education, getting degree, getting married and so on and so forth. They too have cut down on things mercilessly just so that they can get their dream house. 

Everyone has something they look forward to. I hope one day I am able to study for my degree before I hit 40. So the sacrifices I make right now is for a better future. Of course I can never guarantee how long the money will last. Soon I will have to dig into it somehow. I guess I just have to continue to work very hard in life so that I can go far and without having to worry every day about money.

I believe there's more to life than just having lotsa money. But there's no way you can carry on your day to day routines without having to use money. I won't say I aim to lead a simple life like for instance, you won't see me spending my money on another lipstick shade or buy another bag as if I don't have any bags. Of course you definitely won't see me buying expensive make up because even though I love make up, I don't like to spend too much money. On another hand, I don't like to spend too little money too just because it's so damn cheap for make up. 

What I'm trying to do right now, which I think you can also learn, is to fully make use of what you have right now. Don't just buy for the sake of buying because it's the in thing now or it's trending or it's from a certain popular youtuber or celebrity. Know that if you were to buy this, you will have to cut down on other things, like don't buy new clothes for this month for instance. That way, you will end up buying things you love and at the same time, you maximise the value of the things you have spent on previously, let's say the last make up palette you got, to make your money worth it.

Look, you and I know it's not easy to earn money. Those celebrities who entice you to buy their products will get even more filthy rich while we are earning peanuts and yet spend quite a significant amount of our money on their products. Just like how when you eat, you try to eat in moderation and to have a balanced meal, in terms of spending, we should be balanced as well. Know your top priorities like why are you saving money in the first place. That will keep you grounded if there are some things you  just have to skip.

So that's just my two cents' worth..heh...because for me, I just want to have a better life. I don't want to lead a life worrying about money. I would like to have a safety net. I'm not here to judge on how people spend their money because you don't know what goes on for them to get to this point where they are enjoying themselves fully in their dream holiday destination or buy that luxury bag. You do not know that actually they have already saved up for months before going on their holidays or they already have put aside money for rainy days before buying that Coach bag. Or that they have worked their ass off and have sleepless nights working over their paid projects to have extra moolah.

I hope you will be inspired to not just buy the things on your wish list but to be inspired to learn how to look at money differently to help you in times of need and to help others too, not just to acquire physical wealth. All the best!

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