Between Giving in to Consumerism & Saving for the Future

I am so torn apart...I want to start afresh by having a stash of savings, at least as a good start for 2017, but there's so many distractions that I do not know whether should I give in and buy that make up palette set that goes for 40% off (OMG...) and or to keep my savings safe and sound. Honestly, I don't need so much make up since I'm always rushing to work in the morning..heh..and often end up applying blush  to add some colour to my face. But the temptation..hooh ma god.

I am trying to write out this post so that I can convince myself that the palettes that I have with me now..they're good enough. I should put a stop to it already and instead, use the money for good use instead like buy the daily necessities for the family. I mean I know myself well enough that the last few months have not been easy financially. It was really tough. But at the same time, I do not want to deprive myself as well. So I still indulged in buying a stash of makeup for myself and even buying lipsticks for a good friend of mine for Christmas and for my mum also. It's all good, right?

The issue now is how we are easily swayed by consumerism. Of course buying things when they are on hefty discount is better than buying it in full price. But still, it defeats the purpose as well when you buy and then you barely use it as you keep on accumulating by buying newer and shinier things. I'm not a make up artist and while I do love make up, I need to know my limitations. 

So to me, the best solution for this? It's to simply start using what I already have. I barely have made a dent to the eyeshadows and I want to buy another one. Why? Because other people are raving about it especially the social influencers and the sellers because they get to earn as well. Then people like me would have to write an entire blog post convincing myself that I should not be getting another eyeshadow least not for this month.

I must focus...focus on what matters to me most. I want to have a good life in the future. I want to earn more and not spend more on unnecessary things. It's ok to spend but it's not ok when you find yourself spending more and more and not earning as much to cope with the expenses. it's also not ok when I have yet to clear my debt and here I am spending and spending. 

What I am leading myself to is a downward spiral and I begin to wonder again why my life sucks. It's because of poor decisions that we make in life that we tend to forget about until it hits us hard in our face. I have been given this fresh start and I'm not about to screw it up. 

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