Sunday, December 11, 2016

National Gallery Light to Night Festival

The National Gallery Singapore is a huge place. I went there last Saturday for a second time as recently, they held a festival celebrating their first anniversary. Technically, the gallery has existed for a long time already, and was monumental in Singapore's first National Day in 1965 and the election of the first group of the political leaders.

So the celebration consisted of installations, both interactive and non interactive to musical performances and of course, food. I didn't eat any of the food from the food kiosks but there were lines formed for almost every kiosk. Basically coz Singaporeans are matter how much it costs. $10 for a bowl of noodles?!! 

Anyway, having been there in February, I had seen most of the in-house installations. So we basically just walked around, took the lifts and explored the various exhibitions that we had not seen or were part of the festival.

Of course the most interesting ones were the interactive ones like the one where we had to 'brush' on copper plates on some parts of the pictures where in awhile, those brushed parts would come to life in the projected image on the wall. You can see this from the picture below.

There was also a cage like installation where you can go in and it would somewhat take you back to the 70's with the old school furniture and tv. But a fan of the robots (betcha you didn't know the installation I liked the most was the recycled boxes stacked up on top of one another forming a robot structure. 

The place is huge so obviously we got tired and sat on the stairs along with other people and watched a jazz performance. Outside of the gallery were the food kiosks. And on the road pavement, there was a bubble performance where the kids and the kids at heart were busy popping the bubbles, which however, wasn't that much. I was thinking that this guy isn't that good or he was using cheap quality bubble soap..oops.

At the backdrop, there was a light show on the facade of the buildings turning the former city hall into a multi coloured display for 3 minutes every 30 seconds. 

Despite being over 50 years old, the renovated building looked brand new and you should actually pop by to see the various art displays and installations. Caution, some of them are not for those who cannot think of art besides porn, haha. 

After walking around and being tired, coz well the place was huge, we walked again -_- in search of food which got my brother frustrated as we ended up buying overpriced food with just one drink instead of making use of our McDonald's coupon consisting of my brother's favourite burgers. He was complaining and complaining all the way. 

So that was how we spent our Saturday. It is still possible to spend very little and yet have an enjoyable evening. Okay the food of my choice kinda spoilt the tail end of our night out but oh well. Lesson learnt.

Below are the pictures, enjoy!

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