Orchard Road Christmas Light Up, Christmas Trees & Decorations 2016

Last Saturday, I received my bonus earlier and therefore, got the chance to go shopping and also have dinner with my brother at Seoul Garden, as we always do every year. I didn't shop much this year, except for skincare and makeup, that as mentioned in previous post, spent a total of $150.00 only. I made a mistake coz I was focused in getting this mini palette that is only available online that I wanted to get something at least from Sephora so I got this 10 blush pan set from Tarte instead of the ultimate palette, also from Tarte. This blush pan set wasn't even in my wish list, lol. But it's okay coz I justified that well, I use blush almost all the time as compared to the eyeshadows since I don't have the luxury of time when getting ready for work. So yeah.

Moving on, my brother got upset halfway through the dinner because he splattered mushroom soup on himself even though I told him to bring his bowl closer when scooping out the noodles. As usual he didn't listen and got into this mess..heh. It was just a bit of splatter but to him, it's everything. 

After that we went to Orchard Road to take pictures of Christmas lights starting from Dhoby Gaut. So we walked from one end to another. It was really crowded but we still managed to take some pictures. After that I went to Ion Orchard and bought the said items at Sephora and actually almost forgot my items at the counter, hehe.

I don't understand that with the crowd, why would they close the toilets early -_- and it didn't help that I drank quite a lot at Seoul Garden since it's free flow. In the end, before we took the bus home after scrapping the idea of sitting at the McDonald's cafe coz it was super crowded, I managed to go to the toilet after FINALLY managing to find one that was still open. Honestly, I was turning hysterical coz I visited a few toilets and they were already closed. But in the end, I saw this guy like er, adjusting his pants, and I assumed from the direction where he came from, the toilet must be from there because the sign wasn't obvious enough. When I came in and thankfully the door wasn't closed, I saw this gothic girl wearing a dark lipstick, and I'm like..yes it's opened!!

Earlier, my brother had some fun playing with the interactive Christmas displays where he had to jump and jump to get the display to light up. At first, it didn't quite work but a small kid sitting nearby was demonstrating how it was done and then when there was less of a crowd, my brother tried again and it worked! Thanks to the kid. But he was pissed off with me because I didn't record properly.

Anyway, it was a mixture of emotions. Overall we still enjoyed ourselves despite the hiccups. Even if I have to scrap most of the items on the wish list, at least I managed to save some money for rainy days or at least for the next few months' of usage. Things at home aren't in tip top condition anyway.

So enjoy the pictures below!!

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