Friday, December 02, 2016

Happy 1st December & Life's Updates

It's 1st of December..yay!! Life has been a roller coaster ride and a struggle too. But as much as possible, I try to lead a good life. I try do my best. And I try to simply survive each single day like getting through life in one piece. I still have to face the ghost of my past which I hate but I can't avoid it totally. But I also try to bring value to my life by continuing to do my best and improve my life each and every day.

I've also been busy with orders. I made some minor changes to instagram and slowly, the local community starts to take notice of my work too. I actually followed a local instagrammer who is a Science student and has mad skills in calligraphy and makes customised calligraphy pieces with foil. Amazing talent. Part of this change is because facebook, where I first started posting my customised cards, has changed its algorithms and people don't really use facebook pages to look at my works and be enticed into making orders with me. While carousell has bring in more sales, I thought of using instagram as another way of garnering interest and customers. 

I don't have pretty pictures and most of the pictures taken of my cards have my office table as the backdrop, lol. I actually just have to place the card on the table and take a picture of it in a nice angle with the background looking not so busy with my stuffs coz well, my table can look messy at times.

Besides that, well...I'm also trying to be a much nicer and patient person in life. Honestly, I can understand how some people can lose their patience easily but whatever it is, we have to calm ourselves down first and know that we can't always get our way around by screaming and shouting like some barbarian. I notice this happens quite a lot when I'm outside. I don't know if they just want attention and if they do, well they got it, but I try not to look at them because I'm actually quite disgusted by such people's attitude. Even if the other party is wrong, the way to solve the matter is not by screaming and shouting.

But let's not learn from them. I've always said life isn't easy, whether over financial issues or relationship issues, but the truth is, we need to have integrity in our life too, hard work and faith that things can get better. I look up to certain people, even if I don't know them personally, but when I feel like there isn't much to life especially when I'm facing problems or feeling overwhelmed, I think about how these people manage to cope with the demand and still be a nice person. They don't let things get them down easily. They just continue to work hard, and play equally hard as well, but when it comes to getting down to business, they put their 100% in it.

I too sometimes get annoyed with certain demands of customers and can be this close to saying that if they're so smart, why don't they do it themselves. And I also feel like lying to them if they come and order from me again.

The truth is, they're not that bad but of course if their demands are a little too much, I just have to politely turn them down if it comes to a point where whatever I do, they're not happy with it. I can't please everyone but still, life goes on. Then my brother said something to me that showed his maturity, well he has to be coz he's 21..haha (yet again, some older adults..see top to see what I mean) said that well at least money I earned is good money. Money that is well earned through my sheer hard work which help to support my family in small ways and my hobby so that I lead a more fulfilling life. I did not get the money by cheating other people or doing illegal jobs. 

I've been reading a book about how things are in real life, we can turn them around and make it better for not just ourselves but the people around us. Simply by looking at things at a different perspective shed a different meaning. We often don't like to say that we are at fault. Sometimes we are not aware that our body language, the way we speak and our expression can be easily misconstrued because obviously we can't see them but other people can. So we also have to be mindful. Yes sometimes people can be so annoying (like really...) but we just have to keep our temper in check just try to weasel our way out of the situation 

Next week, I will be getting the 13th month bonus, yay..and my wish list this year is very short, haha. I want to keep a large chunk of it for future use (I know I use this line every year) but this is in anticipation of when things at home break down like the fridge and the washing machine, that have seen better days. I don't want to owe money again and it's something that I totally regret in the past and I'm still struggling to pay for it. Honestly, I would rather scrimp and save but at the same time, I want to be able to continue to earn extra money so it's a win win situation. There's no way I can be so frugal because that will take the fun out of life. It's ok to give ourselves a little treat. There's people who spend money on shoes but cut down mercilessly on other things. But to save on everything, that is just sad. Money isn't evil. We can choose to use money to enrich our lives like investing for the future, learn new skills, gain more experience and feed the family with food that is good for the body,  and I don't mean dining at restaurants only, so that they continue to be healthy.

Sorry for this super long update because I haven't been writing for some time. 

Wishing u the best in this last month of the year =)

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