Sunday, June 12, 2016


I love Fridays!! I mean, don't you? I feel like I'm going out practically every Friday, lol. But the last two Fridays, they were pretty different because I spent time in the company of people I normally don't hang out with. One was a birthday celebration with my former schoolmates ever since we started this last year and now we have an additional member. I feel like because of our closer age group, we get along better although selfies seem to be something across age groups, haha.

When you grow older, you appreciate friendship more than just partying and having fun mostly. Back then, you feel like you are left out when you don't go out until late night. Even though I'm no party animal back in those days as well, I feel like I 'accomplished' something simply by doing nothing and just be in the midst of hip and happening crowd and listening to loud music to the point of shouting. Honestly, I didn't really feel good then but I didn't want to feel somewhat displaced if I didn't follow along or something.

Now, just to chit chat, catch up on life and have food at the same time, you treasure those moments more during the interaction. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life that can be stressful at times and it also beats having to sit in front of the laptop screen and watching endless you tube videos...oops.

Life is fleeting. It's not all about climbing the corporate ladder and making big money. It's not about being happy only when you feel like you have accomplished things in life. It's about making the best of each day and spending quality time with the people that matters in your life. Sure you win some, you lose some. But things can happen out of the blue and then you will start wishing you've done this or you've done that. Make each day incredible :)

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