Body Positivity & What it Means to Me

I followed certain people and liked similar themed IG posts and Instagram picked these up under the explore tab. Because I liked various things, there will be a mixture naturally and then there was one thing that stood up. I liked and followed a famous plus sized model and also a you tuber who often talks about body positivity like how she came from a place of self loathing at her size to someone who is proud of her body, no matter the size, because she ain't gonna suffer any more from hiding herself and occupying her thoughts with what people say about her body. 

I believe that beauty starts from within and when you don't love yourself enough, you're not giving others a chance to love you for who you are. If people judge you based on how you look without giving you a chance to get to know you for who you really are, you should really stay away from these people because why let other people's bad opinions ruin you? 

Of course there's another group who think that these 'plus sized' people are giving themselves too much credit. They feel that these people are teaching others the wrong thing by telling the whole world to suck it by putting their bodies on full display, whether in a tiny bathing suit, or short shorts, because doesn't mean you're not a certain 'standard size' you can't wear these clothes. That they are promoting obesity instead of promoting good health. 

Look, of course we shouldn't advocate an unhealthy lifestyle but it doesn't mean they're large in size, they're practically couch potatoes. They can actually lead a more active lifestyle than average sized people who may be lucky enough to not be so active and yet, still look lean. They also eat food that is good for their bodies and yet, they're happy the way they are because they love themselves and do not look down on themselves. 

There are actually slim girls who still look at themselves disgustedly because they feel that they're not thin enough when compared to other girls. Or they're not pretty enough and so many other insecurities. The body is not at fault. It's simply a vessel for us to nourish it with good food and keep our joints healthy and not swelling by having an active lifestyle. 

The point is, if you're not happy that you're of this size and you want to look good and feel good, then it's OK to take actions that will ensure your next stair climbing process won't be a painful process and that when you lower your daily sugar and fat intake, you help to prolong your life. You don't have to feel bad that you think you're not loving yourself enough because you no longer want to look this size anymore. You just am so tired of having painful joints or feeling lethargic often because of heavy consumption of sugar. But even with all this background work, you can actually not wait for that to happen first because you can truly accept yourself.

It's not always about wanting to feel accepted by others by being a certain body type that is often shown in social medias. It's about what makes you feel good from the inside. That's where body positivity comes in. You don't have to wait. You can start loving yourself right now. Because
if you don't give permission to love yourself no matter what size you are, and choose to focus negatively, other people can't see you for who you are because of your self loathing.

Whenever you start to downplay yourself, start by telling yourself that it is more important to live a purposeful life rather than a self hating life. You can do more good to others, by being more charitable and being more kind, that you can see for yourself beauty goes beyond physical appearances. The minute you start discrediting yourself, tell yourself that hey, the important thing is that I AM healthy and I AM blessed for having a body that is working hard to keep me truly alive and well and the way I repay my body's kindness to me is to treat it well and good. 

Let's start this body positivity affirmation right now :)

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