Crushing on a Crush

I love the song from Yuna feat. Usher called Usher. It's such a dreamy tune and you just can't help but  listen to it over and over again..well at least for me, haha. It just takes you to a time when you're crushing on someone and then dreaming about if he or she is crushing on you too and what if both you react on the crush that you have on each other, leading to the first date.

But what if the crush is just one sided and what if the crush you have been eyeing has someone else in mind. Although just like how life is unpredictable, you'll never know that things can make a turn around and then somewhere in future, the two of you can just end up together. 

Well it takes both hands to clap although I feel that if one of the parties in the crush actually make some effort, no matter how little, like a smile as a friendly gesture for a start, you just have to trust that things will fall into place. I mean go for it without any hung ups or expectations because the least you can do is try and if things don't go as planned, like a relationship possibility, you can end up gaining a new friendship. And then who knows from that friendship, you get to know more people through his contacts and then you can just end up with a new crush, or someone to spend the rest of your life with.

It just means how willing you are in opening your heart instead of thinking about whether you being a certain size or having a certain look will affect the way he looks at you. Love goes beyond physical appearance and while I know that it can be rather disheartening when you see good looking couples everywhere you go, there are also couples that, in society's standard, looked rather 'mismatched', you know that they are meant for each other. There's this silent appreciation of each other through hand holding, the way they look at each and smile like you just know they're in love.

I also feel that if you're not yet partnered up or the crush that you're having on someone, isn't like going anywhere, it's still ok. I mean for me personally, being a swinging single, the pressure that people put on you that you have to find, it can get to me but I refuse to let it get me down. It's basically what your heart wants. If you are willing to open your heart and mind to possible love interests, it just radiates to the universe that someone can totally be smitten by you and quickly appreciate you for who you are and eventually fall in love with you. Even if in the end, the crush that you're having on someone, doesn't work out even to a friendship stage, it's still ok. Nothing is wrong with you that you're still a single while your other friends are married and have like 3 or 4 children already. 

The heart can be broken many times but it will make you stronger and know better so you will have better expectations in your future relationship like what works and what doesn't. 

Meanwhile, let's just continue to appreciate the songs that wake us up and not stop us from wishing what if, for a change, someone has a crush on you, haha..especially the one you've been crushing on ;) That will be so awesome.

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