Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Loyang Bus Depot Carnival 2016

We were almost late to the Bus Depot Carnival at Loyang and were getting more stressed out in the journey towards the Depot and to our horror, the next connecting bus that will bring us there will be arriving in...twenty five minutes?!! But luck was on our side as it arrived shortly within 10 minutes instead. We were this close to walking there actually, lol...but it was drizzling so we had no choice but to plonk our butt at the bus stop hoping the bus would actually arrive earlier than expected and it did :)

Thankfully, we managed to join the queue for the most exciting part of the journey and that is the.....bus washing! Yay!! Well, if you own a car or your family owns one, you may have gone through an automated car wash but we're talking about a bus here..so fun like what! Yes, I was still excited about it, haha...and to actually not know what we were queueing for initially until I took a peek at the poster that had been turned the other way round because apparently, the one that we were queueing for, was the last trip already.

Such thrilling experience :)

We only missed out on the goodie bag, which my brother told me that it was only available to the first  1K people and that there was already a queue before the opening already. So that one, can forget about it. Instead, I tried out a game and even though I failed miserably at the shooting game (forget about a police career), it was done for the heck of getting a pack of stickers and snacks whether or not you played it right or not.

After that we queued for awhile again to take an instant picture at the driver's seat which my brother said was so cool and the seat was so comfortable. Well, it had to be because some journeys can be so damn long. We got an instant picture for memory keeping and this will go into my photo album, which I seriously need to update.

There was the usual young bus enthusiasts and we also managed to see the managing director who was mingling among the crowd of enthusiasts. Such a humble person and based on his linkedin profile, he started his career in 1995 as a bus driver and look where he is now!

We did managed to explore around even though we came there an hour before the official closing and also not making it in time to take part in the lucky draw as there was not enough time to finish the activities. Before the closing, we went out of the depot by taking a free shuttle bus by the new bus service provider, which drew many curious stares as the bus was driven through the streets.

It's nice to appreciate what we have in Singapore. Clean city and reliable transportation (well...when the mrt is on its best behaviour) but despite some hiccups here and there, it is most often a pleasurable journey to our destination.

Here are the pictures from the carnival..enjoy!

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