Sunday, August 09, 2015

Our Quiet Raya Celebrations for 2015

Hari Raya celebrations has always been a quiet affair for me and my family. My paranoid mother doesn't like to receive guests and we don't actually visit people as well, except for one of my aunties. You know, it does seem like my childhood memories seemed more interesting with the visits, lol, even though I never looked forward to the first day because I had to go to the house of two my aunts from my dad who I wasn't close to.

Anyway, so Hari Raya has been like a family thing for us instead. Mum will prepare the food although at some point, she did it grudgingly because suddenly she had this 101 things to do list. I wasn't so fussy but I MUST have my sambal goreng. It's actually a traditional Malay dish that is often found in most Nasi Padang stalls or mixed rice stalls. They have fried beancurd, fermented soya bean cakes (tempe) and sliced long beans. There are many variations but these ingredients usually stay and they would be pre-fried first before adding to the chilli gravy and then cooked to almost dry or slightly wet, depending on preference.

I used to love choosing this when I used to buy Nasi Padang but because I don't consume coconut milk anymore, which is one of the main ingredients in making the gravy, I've stopped eating. I actually still do, occasionally from a stall near my house, because she doesn't use coconut milk. Some don't use it unless they want a thicker and richer gravy. 

Okay, so from below you can see the delectable Malay dishes which were so yummeh. I ate a lot of the sambal goreng which you could eat with either rice, ketupat (rice cakes) and even bread. You know, as I'm typing this out, I realized I might have talked about this dish before, lol! Goes to show how I love this dish.

I didn't have a new baju kurung or a Malay traditional dress but this was from some years back which I thankfully could still fit. There was one time I wore some dress from awhile ago and I was struggling to fit in despite having fasted for a few weeks. It's so traumatizing I could remember it until now, haha!

So here are the pics including the mentioned favourite dish of mine and my baju kurung from years back along with my family and my cousin.

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