Sunday, August 09, 2015

From Small Changes to Big Dreams

 It's always inspiring to read about how people went from zero to hero by not letting personal setbacks rule their life by rising above the circumstances to being where they are right now. A lot of people, well Singaporeans as well, take things for granted and just keep complaining over and over again. Today we are celebrating our nation's birthday and someone on my facebook was so excited that she took her first free MRT ride in conjunction of the celebration, even though it was for one station, lol! But then her friend commented, oh well, if you look at it in another way, the government may have spent money on us but it's still OUR money. Ok, party pooper. But my friend candidly said, well it's true so therefore, we must take this opportunity to ride for free!

I know what people say may have some truth in it. I mean, our government back then wasn't the same as now as in look at the circumstances. They were totally different. But it still remains corruption free and scandal free because it still puts the focus on the people. Still, you can't please everybody. No matter what you do, there are people who will nitpick on everything. 

Anyway, the focus of this blog post is for me and you to do a self reflection. This is the 3rd day of our long weekend and while I have spent my time fruitfully for the morning up to late evening catching up with my orders, I still haven't got the chance to even open up, download and print the notes my classmate has kindly prepared for us for our upcoming exam. I wasn't feeling so well and had to rest at night because on the first day, I had a fever and the following day, my stomach was feeling bloated and had to sleep early. I actually wanted to start studying. I didn't want to just focus on my online shop.

However, despite feeling unwell, I wanted to do what I could do in order to continue running my shop besides just making the physical products. I upkept the blogs, both personal and business, and this morning woke up to over 200 viewerships per blog. I also learnt new ways of making my cards and put them to the test this morning, although I wasn't very successful. Still, I think there is room for improvement but that video taught me to experiment with the things I had bought some time ago but had not actually done anything. I was glad at least I have finally opened up the bottle of white embossing powder and created a bookmark using stencil and the powder.

So I believe, the small things that we do each day, to help us get from point A to point B, matter a lot. We can all dream big and may get easily disappointed if we are not able to achieve success just as how we have dreamt it to be. But we should make the effort and celebrate the little achievements along the way, just like how a simple  upkeeping of the blog garnered me that amount of viewership. I know other successful blogs, 200 viewerships is such a small number, but it is a lot to me. 

I was happy when I started to lose weight consistently despite my struggles over and over again. I had to make big changes which weren't easy like cutting down my rice portions to a mere 3 spoons even though I don't eat rice every day. I don't buy snacks anymore and refrained from eating at least 6 hours after lunch to prevent myself from unnecessary snacking. It's still quite a long way before I ideally achieve the number I wanted by the end of the year but I'm happy with every kg that I drop.

I think end of the day, what should keep us motivated is not just the destination, but the journey itself, how we overcome each obstacle successfully. The rewards will seem much sweeter. So don't look down on those small changes. They are your stepping stones to your big dreams :)

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