Sunday, August 30, 2015

Inspirational Story & Make Up Session

While I didn't have an awesome start of the week with me having to  pay off one of my credit card bills once and for all, after that, the week didn't go as bad. Of course, at work is a different story but that's just because my boss has something against me but we leave it at that.

Midweek, I got the chance to meet up with the very friendly Roseanne Tang, beauty blogger and lifestyle vlogger whom I've been following her blog ever since she was based in Australia and then moving to Singapore. 

She is so young at the age of 24 so technically, I'm like 10 years older than her but she is absolutely wise beyond her years. She has been working so hard on her make up portfolio after her stint in a London make up school and while the perks of being a beauty blogger is so much, she wanted more. She wants to own a business. And her very latest development in terms of business is getting her own office space in a quaint shophouse just outside the Outram Park MRT station. 

I would like up her video below on how she felt about having her own office instead of continuing to have it in her own house. She's really an inspiration and while just like any other people, goes through ups and down, being so tired from moving here and there, what still drives her is being able to lead a better life by following her own path to success. Like if you really want something, you will put in everything that you've got and be prepared to work hard. It's really easier said than done and it's not easy but the sweet rewards that you'll experience will be so awesome.

She's pretty open and answers my questions frankly to break the ice and while waiting for the other two girls to arrive. While of course, in my usual self, I was FREAKING NERVOUS, especially when meeting people for the first time, she treated me like a friend which took a lot of the nervousness away.

I was also feeling star struck that I was this up close to someone I've admired for her drive. The make up session eventually started like about 20 minutes later and she was a professional from start to finish and did her powerpoint presentation with such confidence. 

I hoped the make up lesson had lasted a little longer but this was a trial session so understandable. However, I would want to join her make up lesson in future. At $70, to me, it's really affordable compared to how much others are charging because of the time and effort. 

For my next lesson, I would want to learn how to do smokey eyes and the best thing about her is that, she doesn't just teach the techniques and application, but also the theory behind it so we understand a little more about make up.

So anyway as promised, this is the video link regarding her office tour and her intro on why she decided to have her own office for her make up school.

Click here to follow her on her blog.

I wish her all the best and thanks for being an inspiration for many young ladies out there :)

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