Sunday, August 02, 2015

Happy 1st August (For 2015) & Working with the Best Team

I've been so busy last month, it's so unbelievable! My life has never been so tortured with so many projects and tests within a month, lol. I still have one more project and two weeks later, a major exam. I actually haven't start yet with the project, and here I am typing away, haha. 

Last Thurday's project was a group work and I am so SO happy my team treats this so seriously, despite each one of us having family and work commitments. They were also so hardworking in doing research and I must say, they did a very good and thorough job. I didn't do so thorough as them as I am also managing my shop's order but I try my best to do whatever I can, such as waking up early to do some research, type out key phrases and sentences from the book, editing other member's works, getting together to finalize the report (until 11pm mind you, in school) and finally, understanding the notes for the presentation the following day.

Overall, I was happy with our project and while I did fumbled a bit on one part, I think overall, we did very well, which our lecturer ( who is super awesome) also commended and we were so ecstatic over it. Of course, each one of us would also be individually graded but I hope I don't get a C overall, knowing how badly I did for the test although he was kind enough to let all of us pass for the test as long as we wrote something. Now you tell me, which lecturer would be so kind until like that? Ultimately, they want us to pass as it's not easy juggling work and school but they would also want US to put in effort rather than taking it nonchalantly.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our very hardworking moments, lol! But we were serious about our work and you could see our cramped faces from one of the pictures. The best picture is of course,the one with our lecturer who, in his own words, couldn't be happier to take a photo with us. Awwww....

I hope, that if ever there is another group project for our next semester, I get to work with this super awesome team again. 

As for now, I will continue to work hard in all aspects of my life because only we are responsible for the success that we bring in our life. I came across this saying that we don't live once, we live every day but we die once. Aim to live each day to the best that we can and not just to focus on getting from point A to point B. Make time for improvements in our life, whether it's small or big, start saving for the future starting with any amount and accumulate from there, aim to do at least one kind act each day and also aim to spend more time with our friends and family no matter how busy we can get sometimes. 

Let us look forward to future endeavours that we will be proud of and if it's going to make a difference in our lives, have a leap of faith and just do what it takes and work hard towards any goal in life.

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