Prayers Answered...and Sleeping Hours Deprived

For the last few weeks, I have been praying hard that I will get sales because I want to have money until the time I get my pay. I don't want to be completely broke. Then my prayers are answered when I kept getting orders for Teachers' Day and despite them being pretty last minute, I persevered and even getting on little sleep while working throughout the night right until I have to work. 

However, I still need to try to maintain a healthy cash flow which I admit I'm struggling with. When I had certain amount of money, I had to use some of it to buy the materials for my next order while the rest goes into spending on the family like buying daily necessities and food. I still need to work on getting some savings. This will be pretty much settled though when I receive the money from my last order because apparently she had forgotten about. I just hope that she didn't think that she had paid me :s because that will be such a scary thought. If fingers crossed, she pays me, that will be my final amount that I received to go straight to savings. Plus, I have to pay myself back the $100 I used for the last few days once salary comes in this Thursday.

I still have quite a long way to go but I'm thankful for the opportunities that come my way. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs out there with various ideas and if they're not in it full time, I don't know how they do juggling with work or school and running their business. When night school kicks in for me in October, I have no idea how I will cope what with work, school and this online shop.

Whatever it is, always good to manage the time well just like every aspect of our life be it relationships, friendships, money and personal developments. Life isn't just about lying in bed and do nothing or surfing mindlessly on the internet which yes I'm guilty of too sometimes..hee...but with this online shop of mine, I feel like I've achieved something and I'm proud of it. To me, it's not making it rich one day. I just want me and my family to have a rather comfortable life. 

One of the true inspirations for me is Michelle Phan, a you tube Guru who has made good with her life even though she's only in her mid twenties. She wanted a better life for her and her family and with her creativity and prayers, she managed to achieve something so great that other people of her age can only dream of.

You can read more about her in this article from Glamour magazine. When I started this online shop, my goal was to make handcrafted goods affordable while feeding my new (at that point of time) obsession with paper crafting like making handmade cards knowing how ex the materials can be. My other goal is to have an additional form of income for the family. I thought that this second goal is a bit far fetched because entrepreneurs said that money should not be the main motivation when you're running a business. So I didn't quite pursue this goal and just going at my first goal. But at the back of my mind, I just want to help my family get some money every now and then so that I don't live paycheck to paycheck.

But now I know there is nothing wrong in wanting to support my family and wanting to ensure that I no longer struggle to put food on the table. People think that you have a job that's good enough. But things are getting so ex that the $50 you hold, you will be wondering what happen to it the next day. We can't always be a scrooge because it's just so boring having to micro manage money until you deprive yourself. 

So I do hope that by reading this post or reading the article on Michelle Phan you will be inspired and not give up on life easily like I did at one point of time just because we lack the finances. To me, don't be afraid to seek ideas or tap on your expertise to get you some additional income for yourself or for your family. As long as the ideas are marketable and people are willing to buy your products and services, continue to work hard at it and who knows, you will be on the way to achieving success. I know I have a long way to go and despite some days of being sleep deprived, I know I truly enjoy myself in the process.

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