Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part One

This is going to be a 3 part series..or maybe 4, ha..who knows. So it's the dawn of realization that I'm no longer getting younger but older. This is fine by me but I hate the thought that I won't be looking as youthful as I did before. But then again, back when I was in my twenties, people thought I was in my LATE twenties which of course made me work extra hard to do something about my weight and personal appearance. When you look frumpy, people have the tendency to add years to your age.

To be honest, I have not received any presents yet but my two good friends, who plan my birthday every year (Thank You!) have planned something for me this Saturday. This involves...get this..KARAOKE! It is one of my favourite activities! Too bad it can't be enjoyed all the time but singing isn't my passion so I probably be bored to death if I keep on singing.

Moving on...

My colleagues celebrated my birthday early with a birthday cake! It was during the September holidays where the kids at my school took a week's break before returning to school for the final term. We had a lunch session co-organized by my Vice Principal and my manager (she's fierce but she's appreciative of us all). I didn't take any pictures knowing how my phone's camera quality sucks but my colleagues managed to snap some pictures of me when the presented me with a cake. 

The cake was yummeh.

So here's some photos of the surprise birthday celebration. Sorry it's all me :p


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