Amazing People Do Exist

Sometimes I feel like we live in a world where hatred towards other people different from us or hatred towards people who do not have the same beliefs as us getting more and more out of hand. There's also hatred towards other people who are more successful than you. By the way, my advice for the last group of people, instead of venting your frustrations towards successful people who have made their way to where they are now on sheer hard work, to get a life. Do something meaningful instead of being a hater.

I'm not surprised that for other people, even among the people you consider as your friends, or close colleagues, they can get jealous of your success or your up and coming achievements. If this motivate them to work even harder, then that's good. Otherwise they are just wasting their time being all jealous.  

If you live in a fast paced nation, where people can get pushy, rude and self absorbed, there are times you may think that the world is practically doomed because of how badly people can behave. Sometimes. I get that impression too. I don't know how they get by in life being that rude. They're probably using that harsh tone everywhere to get what they want. They are simply thinking for themselves only and expect people to work out something towards their own benefit only. 

This is simply ridiculous. 

Instead of thinking what people can do for you, it's time to start thinking: what can you do for others that would benefit or help them?

Luckily, not everybody is out to hate others or out to make life difficult for others simply because they want things in their own favour. There are people out there who make it their life mission to help other people, even strangers, to a point they make sacrifices that can NEVER be repaid in money. But do they take it against them? NO. To them, they're just doing their job and there is NOTHING heroic about it.

Don't believe such people exist?

Watch this video especially the last bit where an American soldier made his heroic speech against an anti Muslim guy and read the article that will change your mind.

Altruistic Man in Singapore

So if someone is giving you a hard time, especially if you're in customer service where people can get so demanding...hrmph, or some people in public can be so inconsiderate, don't let them make you feel horrible or make you so full of hate. You can either give them a piece of your mind, nicely of course, that they're not being nice about it and I can tell ya, they can get very defensive especially if they think they are not in the wrong. Even if they know they're wrong, chances are very little that they will admit it and be more aggressive towards you.

But do you start to be more aggressive as well because you get agitated by these people? No. WHY? The last thing you want to do is to be just like them. They will somehow learn their lesson.

Sometimes I hear people, even closed ones, say nasty things about other people who have nothing against them. Do you join them by echoing their sentiments? No. Don't even offer ANY opinions that support their anti beliefs.

I believe that everything we say or do has an impact on others. These people may not think they are heroes but they truly are, judging from the world we are living in right now. May God bless these people.
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