Night Festival 2013..and 1D?!

Two weeks ago, we went to this yearly event which is the Singapore Night Festival 2013. We only went for one night but I heard that if you go on other nights, you can see other performances or attractions. But it's okay. We can just settle with one night.

There was the 3D projection mapping on the exterior of both the Art Museum and National Museum. Too bad we can't go near the National Museum because it was super crowded as there was a fire eating performance going on at the same time too. So we settled for an outdoor concert..for like 5 minutes before we move on..LOL.

The performance was energetic though. Could tell they truly enjoying performing and there were some people dancing to the music too. I can't even sway because my body is so stiff.

It was quite a long walk because the festival for this year stretched all the way to the Raffles City shopping mall where there was this big screen like the magnetic board which we used to scribble on when we were younger. Somehow the theme was love declarations..unofficially that is..because there were couples who wrote their love messages on the board and took pictures of it. Sweet..but I guess one is enough to make it all saccharine sweet..haha.

We took a quick break behind the Art Museum where there was the fountain and a seat for us to enjoy our snacks. Of course it was photo taking moment as well because the fountain is always a fantastic backdrop for photos, right?

Oh by the way, before we started our walk exploring the various events, we actually stopped by a small set up called the 1D world, which I exclaimed to my brother that this isn't part of the Night Festival. But it's interesting enough how they manage to rake in the dollars even before the opening of their movie This is us by selling their merchandise.

They're like the biggest boyband least for now because case in point, have you heard of the Jonas Brother and whatever has happened to them now? If you haven't heard of them, well I don't think you ever NOT heard of them..haha.

Obviously I didn't buy any of their merchandise but my brother did snap some pictures.

The Defaced Poster..haha

Look at all the merchandise.....

Can't meet them? Just take a picture with one of their posters!

Are you ready for the 1D world to take over your world?! Wait, it has already?!

The Night Festival is already over by the time I write this post. I hope you have made your trip at least once to enjoy the event. For me and my brother, we are always looking out for events or outings that do not involve much money. Better yet, free. I shall do another two posts featuring such outings. 

Have a great week ahead!

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