Kite Festival Night

So, we visited the Kite Festival on Sunday night, about an hour before its official ending. That was funny. We actually wanted to go much earlier, probably around 5pm but let's just say there were...distractions. But hey, I skipped gym so that I can fit everything in the schedule. Skipping gym is no excuse unless I'm sick or fasting. 

There were very few kites flying and since it's so dark, totally no point taking. However we did enjoy the performances dotted around the Marina Bay area. Well, somewhat. Just as we were about to like stand around and watch, the performances would either stop abruptly or just ended..ha. Fine, it was my fault for causing the delay! I had to run errands and orders to fulfill in the morning.

Anyway, whenever they were free performances, we would be there. At least attempt to, provided there is easy access to transport because we're lazy public commuters like that. Just like the previous post on the Singapore Night Festival 2013. 

The only we get to enjoy was the performance by the faboo Matilda whose smooth jazzy voice did great covers of classics with her touch of jazz. I'm glad she's still performing after her stint in the American Idol. Wishing her much success. She's quite a comic talent as well. I remembered her skit in Random Island on Channel 5. So funneh.

As usual, enjoy the pics! Or rather the pics sans kites..haha.

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