Living on Credit

I have to confess that I've been living on credit for the last one week and I'm not happy about it as it means that I have more things to pay later. But I don't have a choice apparently as I don't have cash at all. Whatever little I had, I had used them to pay for groceries.

Without my brother's maintenance allowance that came in end of last month, I really dunno how to survive. I managed to pay some of the amount I owed on credit and have a little bit more to survive until payday though honestly, I really don't know for how long. Everything is so pricey now I seriously don't know whether I can cope in the coming future. Many people would want to live until a ripe old age but for me, I don't want to live until I'm 100..haha.

That is why when I get my bonus next month, I will continue to pay off my credit card bills and then just simply save up the rest. Shopping is not in my agenda though honestly I just want to get a pair of good sandals for work coz both my pairs are too worn out. Still contemplating on whether I should get the maybelline mineral compact powder but I got a feeling I would. Maybe I should make use of the CLEO promotion that when I flashn the page that is, I can get the casing for free. Sweet.

I do not want to get another make up palette and I will still try my best to take part in contests to win for them. I did get new make up though. I got some make up items from bobbi brown such as midnight blue eyeshadow and I especially love the blush in spice. Now I know why these mid ranged make up products can never compete with the drugstore brands. They are like way better. But still, drugstore ones are value for money especially for people who don't use make up often like me.

K I confessed. I did buy make up though but have yet to make payment of 12 bucks. I got the bobbi brown cheek highlighter pen. My colleague showed me and another person the catalog online and their products were so heavily discounted! Can't resist coz they were buying and I'm like come on, they were dirt cheap.

Anyway I just want to conclude in this post that when I get my pay next month, I want to get to the point where I feel comfortable with the stash that I have. I would rather be cash rich than cash strapped even if it means not actively shopping to reward myself. Although technically I can only plan and things may not go as planned accordingly, I want it to come to a point where at least I have tried and that I did not make any financial screw ups. All the best to me though for resisting temptations.

I just want to live a simpler life without wanting to be too much like others in which their lives revolve mostly around fashion and beauty. I believe when you are beautiful on the inside, it will show on the outside too. Now my area of concentration is skincare and I am slowly trying to adapt a better skincare routine and honestly so far, it is showing. I felt prettier though probably it is just a superficial feeling..haha. When your skin looks good, it will boost ur confidence level a bit. Even when you are wearing jz a little make up, with good skin and an inner beauty that shows on the outside, you will definitely glow. Oh yes, followed by a good proper diet too.

So a brand new month always mean that you can strive to do better than the previous month. Jot down your thoughts on how u want to improve yourself, how are you going to achieve them so that you will get a clearer vision as you concentrate on them. I definitely will start writing them down in my notebook. It will be a good start.
I'm learning from my mistakes and trying to make things better for me and the family. Meanwhile, Life goes on....
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