Laptop Died & Came Back to Life

Hey there, I'm back after a pretty long absence because my laptop died on me...again but thankfully, my second time of hauling the laptop back to office did wonders though for 3 days I suffered without the laptop at home.

See, it always pays to be nice though yes I know that sometimes we just have to be more aggressive or risk being stepped all over. But more than often, we shouldn't be too nasty and arrogant for our own good. Why? Simply because it is just going to lead to our downfall and nobody cares to help you when you are in need of some help.

In other words, I would have to fork out a lot if I were to send to an external computer shop. Instead, I got free service! He even helped me to source for another hardisk to replace the corrupted hardisk for free. He actually used his own money to buy the hardisk and did not want to accept payment.

I can never thank him enough because it is a very very sweet gesture. If not, I had to get a new laptop and I don't have that much of money so probably have to take a loan which would cost me even more including interests.

After I got back the laptop, I went on a rampage on the net. Hence the further absence.

Alrighty I shall do a proper post later on. Right now am in bed nursing a tummy ache from drinking super cold tea :S
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