Beauty 101: Beautiful on the Inside

What an odd title. I've always wanted to write about this and ironically, I have been watching about the most gorgeous man in the whole planet earth. You will know who is it in a later post.

Anyway, I was reading this magazine a week ago and she described how being imperfect can be beautiful. Well, in a beauty and fashion obsessed world, we can get carried away and get extreme in our strive to be beautiful. The truth is, people work on their beauty on the outside too much that they don't realize being beautiful on the inside matters as well.

The things that make us different from other people make us truly unique. Just like any average girl, I complain a lot about my physical appearance. Im sure you hear me complain here many times too like why the heck am I getting fatter and fatter and wanted to stop at this yo-yo weight syndrome. The only thing I know is that I have been taking the wrong approach recently and the only way to end this is to simply be very disciplined and not easily swayed by sweet treats and overconsumption. Easier said than done though but I know it is doable coz I have done it before and have been successful.

But let me tell ya, healthy living is the way to go but being obsessed up to the point you look so skeletal, it is not. I saw these tv adverts and how the women used to be of low self confident and then they signed up at the slimming centre and they got so thin! So thin as freaking thin :S Great if they gain self confidence and they can fit smaller and prettier clothes but if we want to be thin just to be accepted by others, then it's rather delusional.

People should appreciate you for who you are. If you are a nice person, grounded, helpful, always doing things with a smile rather than a frown, it makes you even more beautiful than all the mac make up brushed on your face. Nowadays, people can get easily rude and nasty like they want people to adhere to their wishes and then if they don't get what they want, they turn so nasty I don't believe they are human beings and not animals. I think even animals have a sense of humility and care in them. 

Unfortunately, that is how the world functions. Modern lifestyle, the need to get rich and famous quickly, going under the knife to look flawless, people will do anything to get noticed and to get what they want. Despite all this, I am still glad that all is not lost. I know of people who are beautiful on the inside and I can be so touched by their gestures that I am sometimes in disbelief as in how these people do what they do. They don't even take credit for it. To them, they do it because it's just something they have to do and not forced to do. To me, they are truly beautiful and one of a kind.

Oh, while I had to watch such 'horror' adverts featuring the obese to skeletal women, I am heartened to see this you tube video where the young woman was given such a pompous marriage proposal and got married on the spot. You can tell that she is someone who is such a nice person that she didn't go all freaked out when some random woman just splashed water on her boyfriend. Instead, she got rather emotional thinking why would she do such a thing instead of making it into some bitchfest moment. By the way, she is a very sweet lady and even though she is on the heavier side, she just glows with radiance along with her pretty face that her size isn't even an issue. And that her loving nature won her the heart of this man who decided to televise his marriage proposal and make into some kind of event straight out of some musical. Honestly I would freak out but ah, she seems shocked but at the same so touched by his gestures. 

I have seen on a few counts, some young women who don't look so well dressed but just in simple casual attire (like me most of the time..heh) and even though they are on the heavier side ( me too), their boyfriend or husband is of the normal average size. I mean you've heard of guys who date models or date those girls who look high maintenance and so slim and pretty that average girls like me would always think we won't stand a chance. Then along came such decent guys who look beyond our physical beauties and judge us for who we are inside. They are not looking for a trophy girlfriend, they are looking for someone who is sincere and who cares about them and it doesn't matter what size they are in as long as they are willing to love them unconditionally.

Sobs. Looks like a page out of soap dramas. Anyway girls, treat yourself with respect and don't always be so obsessed with the need to get your hands on the latest makeup kit or the current fashion trend. Beauty goes beyond that. Trust me, if you can be beautiful on the inside, you will glow and then you realize, all the shimmers in the eye make up cannot match up to the overpowering beauty in you.

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