Finding True Love

I am not finding one but what the heck, I can talk about it. My friend is in dilemma because she is at the brink of giving up hope when it comes to true love. For someone like her, I am sure she is capable of doing so but I guess sometimes, you just need a bit of gusto and just er..go for it if you find someone that you truly like and you don't want any other girls having their paw on him BUT you.

Still, it's easier said than done. I have watched many soap dramas (as I'm sure you know that by now) and I am always amazed how two people who CANNOT stand each other then suddenly finding themselves not being able to be apart. Or someone from years ago rejected your love and then years later, try to track you down to say that actually, he does have feelings for you but just wasn't sure about it...until now.

We always think that cheating is bad and I do not promote it. But what if, you don't find yourself fulfilled in this existing relationship of yours and then comes along someone from your past telling you that you were both meant for each other and you just cannot forget that once upon a time, you were in love with this person. Then comes the next realization as to what you really want. Do you want him back or you want to continue being in this current relationship of yours that is probably not going anywhere as you start drifting apart and yearning for the other one.

Oh the complications of love. I guess that's why I'm still loveless all these years because I can never grasp it, haha.

Anyway, how do you find your true love? Do you like seriously look for it or you just wait for it to happen or you simply think that it is so not gonna happen to you. For me, it's the last thing. I cannot understand why would anyone like me as in like me. But sometimes, they may like you for things that you don't even notice like your smile, your cheeriness, your butt pretty eyes...

People say that once you find someone you truly like, you should really grab hold of the opportunity and be fearless. But for a traditional girl at heart, I would rather the guy be more fearless though it just seems to me that the local guys here need to 'man up' a bit and just ask the girl instead of contemplating on whether she's attached or not. Then they can be so dense like hello, a girl can give that many clues and you're

I mean you can be wrong and may pick up the wrong signals but seriously guys, we girls may be coy and as you claim, hard to understand, but when we show you that we're interested in you, we will show you we are really interested in you. There is no mistake about it! 

I used to have this crush on a teacher in school who is holding quite a high position (read: big salary) and then I thought he was good looking coz he looked all eurasian-ish though his name is completely chinese. I thought to myself, I MUST talk to this guy or I HOPE he talks to me. Guess what? He did coz he is quite friendly in a quiet sort of way and then years later, turned out to be rather bossy, at least towards me. Somehow I read it as him showing interest in me and then me thinking, ' will never happen.' I am so the plain jane' coz really I am at work. I don't really give a shit about making up, dressing up and accessorizing like when I'm out and about with my friends. Even then, I can still be quite lazy.

He's leaving on Friday for a course and then not posting back here. In other words, he is leaving for good. I have always imagined like recently if he will ask me out for movie or lunch but I still think it is hugely my imagination that he is crushing on me. I'm not worthy! 

Oh well, it was good till it lasts. Honestly, I think he is a really sweet guy though I do get gay vibes but what to do...I'm that open minded. If he is, he will be a perfect gay bestie, haha. 

So how do you find your true love? Have you found him or her yet?

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