Sunday, September 03, 2017

Singapore Night Festival 2017

Recently we went to the annual Night Festival, held between the time of 7.30pm to 12am. It was the last day which was also a Saturday so it was very packed. But we didn't cross over to the National Museum and watched it across the road which we were still able to see clearly. The facade of the building transformed into a projection show and it was very interesting, one of the best that I had seen. I liked how the series of projection would then 'break down' into a gazillion pieces. You can see what I mean in the photos below.

The National Museum building turned into this amazing projection show

After the show ended, we walked across the lawn to the SMU campus where there were many stalls selling food and some had snaking queues. These were sponsored by Apply Pay and the patrons even had the option to pay using Apply Pay through the express lanes. We didn't buy any because normally they would be quite ex. But I was quite pleased there were 2, I think, food stalls selling halal food, so it would also cater to the Muslim patrons, compared to the past where there were probably just one? 

Within the same area, there was going to be a Latin concert and we stood in one corner waiting for the performance to start. After it started, we joined in at the back and they were playing popular latin hit songs like Despacito and Bailando. Also, I recognised one of the songs as a Zumba song as well because obviously Zumba is a dance exercise where we groove to Latin music. The crowd took awhile to warm up and when went somewhere else and came back, the crowd started to get up to dance and sashay away to the beat. Honestly, Latin music is contagious, there is no way you can just sit down and watch the performance.

We were entertained by the Latin music performance

We later crossed the road to the Art Museum where outside, there were rows of lighted interactive mannequins. We had to say something into the 'ear' of the mannequin and it will respond with some random phrases. My brother said hello and then shortly, the mannequin responded and we were quite shocked because it was pretty quiet at first, lol. 

After whispering sweet nothings to the mannequin, lol..

The crowd started to get even more and the security people weren't being very nice as well, resorting to shouting to get the crowd moving and to stop them from entering this particular place where I think there was going to be a performance at 10.30pm because it was full house. We were shocked when we were crossing the road and this security guy suddenly shouted to the group of Malay guys for crossing to that place and one of them remarked, 'Don't need to shout, can?' I know it was frustrating, and probably very hot as well, trying to do crowd control, but it was true, you don't need to scold us to keep us moving as that was pretty rude. We were equally hot and bothered as well walking among the crowd.

On the way to SOTA, we saw this lighted exhibit and it was cool how when I just took a random snap with my phone, and there was this head displayed on the screen. I thought it was a perfect shot, with no one walking into the frame as well.

I don't know why but this reminded me of Terminator

For the first time, SOTA didn't have any light installations so we were a bit disappointed. We may not have gone the full spectrum of the Night Festival and decided to call it a..night instead. We took a bus and then I realised we had not taken a wefie, so here we were below taking a wefie in the bus, lol.

I hope you like this write up! Did you go for the Night Festival this year? Hope you had fun as well :)

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