Monday, September 11, 2017

My Predicament in Dealing with People Lacking in Integrity

This week, I have been peeved with people with a lack of integrity or basically taking things for granted, as though I have so much free time for them to anyhow just go MIA on me when we were supposed to meet to collect the things I had made for them. I also have to deal with a girl who, up to this point where I am writing this post, has not made any payment to me and keep claiming she forgot to pay. It's clear that she had received the good and she herself said so but I am predicting she has no intention of paying at all.

I don't wish to chase anymore and yes, it is yet another loss for me. My friend did say business is business. But I'm going to get the same answer again from her so I just leave it as that and just move on. I only hope that she will bear the guilt of taking something without paying and in an unfortunate event due to karma, she will also lose some money. Yes I know I sound like I'm cursing her but I'm not. Some people need to learn hard lessons so that they won't repeat the bad thing that they have done. 

I want to lead an honest online business and even if the way I deal with customers is rather risky, such as for this instance, I still don't feel good in taking money first before making the product. Maybe in future when I start to charge more, then it is a possibility that I will take at least 50% deposit. But for now, this is how I deal.

It's precisely because of having to deal with such customers that sometimes I feel as though I don't wish to go on running an online business. It can also get overwhelming when I have slightly higher number of orders but now I try to be upfront by telling them if I am not able to complete by the next few days. But overall, I enjoy the process and how in times of need, the extra bit of cash I receive can help tide me over until I get my pay. I also have things to pay and a saving plan for the future and the money can come in handy. 

Until then, I also get inspired by other female entrepreneurs who have to deal with external customers and they're not easy to deal with as well. Yet they continue to hustle and push through the hurdles. On the surface, it may look as though they're having so much fun but behind the scenes, you have no idea the amount of hard work and the number of hours they clock in order to get to where they are. They are also not looking as though they will slow down any time. 

I must remember that there are many other honest people as well who will pay you where it's due and while I don't request for feedback from them in return, I am happy to serve one happy customer after another. Despite the initial gloom I experience with my customers, I did a little prayer to God about my predicament and after that, at least one meeting was successfully completed that same evening. This was after a few months of her going MIA on me and holding on to her goods since May. I managed to get $30 and I thank God for it. Perhaps on the way to work tomorrow, I will also say a little prayer again that I will be paid by that girl. Whether or not she will, it doesn't matter anymore because like I said, she's answerable for it as not paying for something you receive, is akin to stealing.  

I shall stop my rant here. I hope that girl gets her life together and not resort to doing unkind things to people because it will only fall back on her.

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