Sunday, September 24, 2017

My 36th Birthday and Revisiting the My Dreams

Last Saturday, I celebrated my 36th birthday with my good friends over a late lunch early dinner thing and then we rushed off for our karaoke. Time was critical and it took awhile for them to find my friend's number. Go figure. But it was actually on the board all the time. What.

Google wished me Happy Birthday! lolz.
Anyway, after what took forever, we managed to actually get our room and started to sing our hearts out..heh. I also received a surprise gift from them. Would you believe it, I was just kidding with one of them that I wanted a $50 sephora voucher. I got a freaking $50 gift card. OMGness...but I am going to save for the Christmas collections, hee. Not too long now!!

My actually birthday was the following Monday and I took leave. Yay. I didn't do much except to make cards. And watch you tube videos. But then again, the second part is like my daily activity, heh. I still needed to run the online shop though, which explained why I went to the post office in the afternoon and continued making the batch of cards. Need to earn some moolah and also spread some happiness. The whole motive of me running the online shop. Oh, and I also watched an episode of The Kardashians. I dunno, this seemed to be my new guilty pleasure. I think they are tolerable during the episodes like I actually enjoy watching them. I just don't get the drama they create when they're not on camera, but oh well, that's showbiz.

I would like to actually share with you about what happened when I first woke up on my birthday. This was actually a late dream, meaning that I dreamt of this when slept again around 6.30am, coz I don't have to work anyway. I revisited the past, of schoolmates and ex colleagues and I was roaming around this HDB area which my dream set it out as my school/work premise. I could not find my former class but I found very few former classmates and colleagues. They remembered me but basically, they just acknowledged my presence and continued doing what they were doing. 

At that point, I was thinking about how they actually moved on, felt quite sad...but came to accept that it was best I move on as well. I was still walking around and eventually, I woke up. I wrote inside my journal what I dreamt about and feeling like at this age, I still feel unfulfilled. I can't keep going to the past when I actually need to focus on the present because this is where I am. Right now. We live for now and for the future. 

Honestly, it is hard but very soon, I learn that life isn't an easy journey but we must remember that we are here, not by sheer coincidence but for a purpose. People can be putting up a front and then we are thinking how good their life is. But honestly, life isn't rosy for everyone.

However, people often rise above the occasion and what I should be doing is that I should be grateful that I get to have another year of birthday. I get to share love and kindness with people around me. I get to be passionate in what I enjoy doing, of which one of them is running my online shop. Sure sometimes people give me crap. But that's just the 20%. The majority 80% are nice and appreciative. These are the people I should focus on. 

Along the way, we will learn that life is meaningful, depending how we steer our life towards the direction of happiness. Nobody knows how much time we have left. So if you have celebrated your birthday or going to very soon, just remember it's not about the present and cakes. It's about the celebration of life that you have been given another year of opportunity to do good, be kind and make things better for you and your loved ones if you haven't been doing so. 

So go on, live your life to the fullest right now instead of dwelling on the past. Live and let live. 

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