Dreadful Two Days at Work

The last two days haven't been so great at work finding a piece of damn document that some people have no inkling as to what it was about. But still was willing enough to rummage  go through their files for it. Some couldn't even bothered and just resigned to not having it at all without searching. Look, while only one was important, the rest was just for filing purpose and I've been tasked to ask one by one all the 'big shots' in my department. Only one was giving me some ramblings which basically went one ear in and one out as though this was my fault or my carelessness of not having this document. 

I've explained and also this document was in existence before my time was there so it wasn't so nice to give me 'crap'. And that this wasn't the first time I had a run in with this certain someone. Already her cluster is so 'extra' with documents that I don't even need but for their own filing and insistent that I keep the originals after asking their head to sign a stack of it. It's like nah, it's YOUR responsibility now. 


I was feeling down yesterday evening and this morning but I had a small but strong support network who have gone through years at that place while just months for me. They had gone through ups and downs with certain people with such quack working attitude and yet, they are still strong enough to not take too much to heart and just do their best. They have been accused of things by other people, given crap as well but their perseverance and believe that they are just here to work and be good at it make them stand tall against these other people who are trying to pull them down. 

And they want me to be strong as well. I am glad that despite whatever other people have talked about my manager, her erm...loudness, she has our interests at heart and she is quick to defend us although to be fair, she has to hear both sides of stories. 

Despite the initial disappointment with myself, I know that these are just lessons for my personal growth through continued improvements. They are constructive feedback meant to help me and not push me down. While I aim to improve, I also aim to serve and do my best in all areas of my work. But again, I am also thankful that at first I thought I had no one to be friends with at my new work place. Now we're like this small supportive family who is willing to listen to me air my grievances and offer their valuable advices.

For that, I thank God for sending me these angels. Even though one of them has retired, she is still willing to dispense advice to me when I am stuck and I have no choice but to refer to her. 

So some people may give me hell. It's just how they are. So what. It's not a reflection of myself. The rest of them are not like that at all. Just like how some people when they don't like you, whatever you do, they still don't like you so at the end of the day, why bother because it's not your fault. It's just them, not you. So I just move on and do my best to keep my job and earn my keeps.

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