Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Being Broke AF, Phone Stopped Working & All Other Misery

So it hasn't been a great week last week. I was broke af and I was barely surviving although I managed to have some money I received from my online shop which helped me to stay afloat at least a day or two. And then the cycle starts again until Saturday where thankfully my brother got his salary earlier so he gave me my portion.

Honestly, I was so poor I couldn't buy the bread, which was already discounted by the way, because it would exceed the budget that I had. Did I feel good about it? Of course not. But I didn't let it go to my head because it would just amplify my misery. I just tell myself that I will get over it. 

Also, I don't want to be in this situation again because it's just not pleasant. But it does make me more  aware of what I should be doing to not be that broke again. I know that I could possibly be in that situation again which makes me more determined to not move backwards but look forward instead. 

Oh and to add on to my misery, my phone suddenly stopped working the previous Saturday. It just won't start and even it at times, it managed to go to the home screen, it will restart again -_- Also, on that day, I had an appointment to go house visiting and I didn't know the address. After HOURS of restarting my phone, suddenly it worked for a good half and hour and I managed to copy down the contact number, the address and also to inform the people in the WhatsApp group that my phone was not working so it would be hard to contact me. I had to carry my mum's ancient phone as back up but which actually lasted longer than my so called more advanced phone..believe it or not. So for awhile, my mum was not contactable. 

I managed to use my phone to contact my friend to say that I am reaching her house's bus stop. Thankfully, she stepped out to bring me up to her Condo apartment. It's a private estate so I couldn't just enter like any good ol' public housing. 

Now I am in a lot better position than the previous week. I got my pay which included the mid year bonus and which I promptly put aside in case I accidentally spend it away. During one fine shower, I worked out a plan on how to save for the rest of the year because I want to get back on track asap. Also, while savings, I also need constant spending money to support my family which means I have to hustle to get moolah from my online shop. I will put aside $50 from my income every month from there too. 

So that's how my life went last week. There's ups and downs. You've read mostly the downs but about the phone, the up thing about is that I got my first iPhone. My phone broke down at a time I received an sms that I am entitled to a $200 discount voucher if I recontract my plan by the end of the month. I It could not come at a better time. Also, when I checked online for mobile phone offers, the iPhone 6 was on offer for my plan. I know it's not the latest model but I'm fine with it. After several episodes with sub par phones, I think in future I will invest in high end phones even if I have to pay a little more for it. 

I shall end this post with pictures from the open house at a friend's house :)

No matter how life can get us down at times, let's not give up and always learn and invest in yourself for the future.

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