Sunday, July 23, 2017

Break ups

I love this couple from a tv show and I ship them hard. It's no secret on my blog at least that I love the Shadowhunters book series (The Mortal Instruments one) and now the TV show. But next two episodes won't be the easiest and probably the most challenging for them and the rest of the gang. Okay actually them getting together was already a challenge enough until the penultimate episode. It's just to show it's like any relationships, they go through ups and downs especially when trust is a major issue and they both come from different worlds and are highly respected in their own rights.

Actually I like their storyline in the show despite the rough start and multiple 'I'm pining for you but I can't coz it will mean losing everything' scenes. In the end the heart wants what it desires. In the book though, it gets pretty annoying. I guess it's just her childish writings at time although she's just trying to show his insecurities and this being his first relationship after all. The break up scene was well written though and full of emotions. I got the sniffles, k.

Before you think I will go on and on about this shipping and the impending breakup (NooOOoo..), I just want to talk about how challenging REAL relationships are that sometimes I'm glad Im not involved in such dramas. But then again, it's such a selfish talk. There are bound to be relationship problems. There are people who found love again, only to lose it even though they seem so made for each other. There are also those who are third time lucky and this could be the relationship that he or she has been looking for. 

For me, finding your soulmate after going through difficult times, tears and heartbreaks, may be a daunting task but it's not impossible if you trust yourself that you will fall in love again. I was shocked when I heard one of the youtubers I've been following since I started watching make up videos and a CEO of a make up company, is going through a divorce, her second one. Now she's only a year older than me but has achieved so much but went through many difficulties as well. This guy seemed to be a dream for her. He seems very quiet as compared to her but is very supportive of her and her business so nobody thought bad about him. He really loves her for who she is. 

But you know, what you see in the social media may not always be the most accurate version of them in real life. Even reality shows aren't that real, you know. So who are we to judge. The important thing is that they come out stronger, better and move on from this bitter episode in their life. It's not going to be easy. No break ups are easy but if people are meant to be for each other, they will somehow make their way back again. This was such a case for a local youtuber and make up artist as well. Again, we have seen how perfect they are together as a couple, travelling together and hanging out with the family and friends. But little did we know that recently they went through some hard times, which she dubbed as the most difficult time for her. However, glad to know they worked out their differences and are back together again.

So this love business isn't something to take lightly. It takes effort, commitment and heart. This is why I think relationships are not for everyone. I know that it is not for me. You go through a rollercoaster of emotions but this is what makes a person or relationship stronger.

I know that this is a rough patch for the tv couple as well when one was accused of being a liar while he was actually torn between answering to The Clave (it's like the government for the Shadowhunters) for this big secret they are hiding and to his boyfriend who is an outspoken representative of the Downworld because this secret can affect him and his Downworlder people. I also hope that like the book, they will work things out because they are simply meant for each other. Full stop.

So if you're in a relationship, treasure it with all you've got. People go through phases where they question themselves if this is what they want. Listen to your heart and your gut feeling and tell yourself if this is worth it. If it's not, it is not the end of the story. Life goes on and who knows, there will be someone even better for you out there and by them he or she comes to you, you are more ready than ever.

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