Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Johor Trip 2017

My friend and I had an annual shopping trip to Johor and it is always a joy hanging out with her, it's like we are never short of things to talk to each other. To top it up, I got a sweet performance bonus compared to the dismal one I got last year although the show still goes on despite that, haha.

While last year, we were bummed out by the LONG waiting time at the checking in where they stamp our passport before freedom we are able to enter to the other side, we learnt our lesson and went after the March school holidays. However while we managed to get on the bus without a hitch, when we saw the crowd and the snacking queues at the checkpoint, we were like here we go again.

But after our experience, this one seemed more bearable, though the wait was still over an hour long. 

However we met our first disappointment with our lunch at Kenny Rogers. We always go to the Nandos coz it's worth the money for the size of food we eat. But here, the food was tasteless, and the portion was small (just look at the picture) and then we decided next time, we will go back to our usual routine.

We did the usual going round the mall level by level. While my friend use to be able to pick up shoes  pretty quickly, she just couldn't find the ones that called out to her. Some did but it turned out to be pretty 'meh' for her including the holy grail shoe shop in the mall beside the one we spent longer in. This is something very very new to both of us, haha. Oh well. We did shop for new clothes, I got shirts for my brother at the usual shop and also food to bring home.

Overall, it was still an enjoyable trip despite the initial hiccup where my friend left her key at her workplace which will open the drawer that her passport was in. We had our photos taken at our usual haunt (which we cannot compromise, like the one with Nando's..too bad we did this year and see what we got into, lol). Old Town White Coffee is the bomb and I love the hazelnut flavour and have it cold, thank you very much.

Normally I like drinking tea especially tea latte, yum...but I can't resist white coffee 😇

So overall, will we do this again next year? A resounding yes! Hopefully the shoe designs will improve because I think it's just too plain and boring and most are not really wearable, with the combined heavy heels and dainty straps. Like, can you even walk in it. I'm not surprised that many customers simply walk in and out empty handed. It's that bad so it's not my friend's fault too, haha.

So much so, we had quite a lot of money left because we didn't get to shop much. But we're all good with the things we purchased.

Here's to more bonding sessions in future!

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