Celebrating A Friend's Birthday at TCC Ion Orchard

My friends and I held a small birthday celebration for one of our friend and though it was a simple affair with just dinner and cake, it is something we take pride of. It's not just a birthday celebratory but also to celebrate our friendship. Before that, we went to see her adorable baby niece who just loved trying to put her foot in her mouth. And also her blanket, haha. You're growing up in a house full of love little one. Your parents love you, your grandparents too and of course your auntie, who is going to just shower you with kisses and gifts.

It's sad that as we are getting more educated, more affluent..sadly, there are still others who think they are entitled to certain rights to a point they don't care if you're an elderly or for kids, that you're an adult. I shall leave it for another post. 

For now, let's just see what's going on in my life few days ago when we did a mini birthday celebration at TCC. I have to say this that I am such an indecisive person. I didn't know exactly where the shop location and my poor friends had to go down the escalator, walk a bit and then up again. Thankfully, it wasn't a long walk and it was quite near the other escalator, but of course, we didn't actually have to travel that far, hehe. It was the same floor that we were at when we left the MRT station. Like I said, it was just a distraction..hehe.

We talked about our other friends too like what's going in their lives. We don't exactly have all the details but just some developments here and there, and not exactly everything was fine and dandy. Like life itself, full of ups and downs. We may not be as close knit as before like back in the days but we definitely try to be in touch of what's going on, especially now through the social media.

For me, no matter how crazy life can be sometimes, I do forget my woes when I go out with my brother, my family or my friends and just take in the moment and enjoy the time we have with each other. I thank God for blessing me with good friends like these and how our bond remains strong even though we left school many years back where it all started with our friendship.

Okay, enjoy the pics below! :)

To many more years of friendship and birthday celebration!


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