Friday, April 21, 2017

Feel Like Crap But Some Things Are Worth Learning

I feel like crap now, like I just want to cry coz I'm feeling so emo despite the zumba (yes, more on that in a later post) and maybe it's the TOTM so the tummy isn't feeling too good.

I lost a potential business of earning $90.00 because of proper time management and sheer laziness. I was this close to finishing the order of doing up 6 handmade books and I never received such big order for this particular item. I could have set aside enough time to do this but in the end, because I wasn't asked how far along I was, I didn't see the urgency. Other orders came up and I concentrated on them instead.

Not only did I lose potential money, I also started to lose hope that what I am doing now seem such futile efforts like is it even worth my time. So what keep me going instead, despite unpaid orders (more on that too in awhile), demands for a price that isn't quite worth their demands and customers who go MIA when contacted that I have completed their orders. I will still stand firm on not taking the money from people yet until I am done. It's risky I know and just the latest one, despite having to go all the way to the post office and get quite a large postal box to put in a small box coz the small sized ones were out of stock, in the end they claimed to not receive it. And I still didn't get paid for it.

Despite such efforts in making the item, travelling time to go  post office and the free postage provided, all this is for a mere $10.00 which I still didn't get paid for. Of course I apologised for it for causing distress but I still think it's not possible it would get lost just like that, as the box was quite big. I don't know..I give them benefit of the doubt. However I feel I should not be faulted and hence 'punished' for it by not being paid for it.

$10.00 may not seem much but for people like me, it can go far. Money is still money, right? You know, I don't want to harp on this and make it such a big deal. As far as I know, I showed pictures that I had indeed made the item and have it posted. I also know, if including this one, I would have lost $100.00 worth of orders, instead of the original $90.00 which is really a lot to me, considering I already don't charge much for my handmade paper crafts.

First case, I admit it was my fault and I could have carried on finishing that last book but because I have already exceeded the deadline of more than a month, it is an embarrassment for me to message the customer. She didn't contact me either so I guess it's a non-case for her too, otherwise they will be asking for updates and such.

But costly lesson learnt. Also, another lesson is how I can improve my business strategies because admittedly, they're not at its best. I must stop treating my online business as just a hobby. It must have progressions, you if I want to treat it as 'just a hobby' then I wouldn't even care about earning money. But I do. 

Sometimes the things we have to implement may be hard but we just got to do it and improve along the way so that we can continue to be in this line for as long as we can. Also to have a vision on how we want it to be and look forward to achieving that vision, whether for business, work or life. Let's stop feeling like crap and just continue to work hard and play hard :)

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