Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finding Love & Wedding Bells

Just last week, I went to two weddings on two separate weekends within the same week. This has never happened before, lol. I hardly go to weddings even though occasionally I get the invites. But being in one can be quite fun especially nowadays they cater a variety of food serving not just the usual wedding dishes, but they will hire vendors that will make traditional food on the spot or even creative food like fried banana fritters with cheese. Oh and for both of the weddings I attend, they served ice cream too....yum. 

Okay besides that, lol...the other thing I tend to notice is how the dais nowadays look so grand so big, enough to fit the whole extended family. They would be so creative with the set up compared to back in the days where most of the time, the dais would be pretty small and more traditional looking and basic colours. 

I must appreciate all these details like the colour scheme and the decorations and all because I know I will never experience any of these in my life, haha. Yes I know that sounds so negative but like I've explained in many of my earlier posts, some people aren't cut out for married life and I'm one of them. I don't feel like I'm alone because there are many single people out there too and they're living a fulfilling life too. I'm not saying when you're married, your life is over. If you get a partner that understands your needs and how despite the union, you are still your own unique individual who wishes to pursue your dreams and aspirations. 

I'm happy that I know of people who have gone through heartbreak found people to be their soulmates in times of their need where they feel lost thinking that they will never find love. My heartiest congratulations to them :)

I had to attend this wedding because I would get to see some of my former poly classmates. Although we did a few meet ups after we graduated, it's always fun to see them and hear them interact. I'm always in awe how people can talk to one another so fluently in a small group while I get stumped. But I like listening to them because it will give me a sneak peek on how people go about their lives and they also share interesting stories that I will laugh or feel sad about.

We also talked about how many of us are planning or are already pursuing degree. Knowing that some of them already did get started or coming soon, I feel like I want to start sooner. But now isn't quite a good time too because my brother is not home most of the time so if I were to come home late from evening classes, there is no one at home with my mum. Also, I need to concentrate first on saving some money and earning more as well. Whether or not I need a degree is another matter unless I want to get a new job. So I'm still thinking about this too. I mean it's going to be costly and it has to put to good use some how right. To me, it will be more like a sense of accomplishment rather than to just get a job with a higher pay but of course, other people will think otherwise.

So anyway, here are the pics where you can tell I didn't take them, haha. But still, worth sharing. Enjoy!

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