Happy 35th Birthday to Me!!

I feel truly blessed because I have three birthday celebrations. The first one you can see from and earlier post and the second comes from last Friday with my former classmates. I'm so touched they still made an effort to get a cake from and order food for both my birthday and housewarming. 

This is something money can't buy. You can't buy the love and friendship from these people and I'm glad we have crossed paths in life. As I reflect on my birthday, I feel like at first I kept thinking about what I am lacking of which kept me awake, specifically, the lack of money. But then I thought again that I shouldn't harp on it too much. I should focus on the big wins that will help to improve the different aspects of my life. I must continue to work hard in life so that I need not go through this problem of whether I have enough for the rest of the week. I should also focus on what I currently have and not what I don't have and ensure that I make the best of what I have right now.

It's easier said than done but it's to take action and do something rather than just harping on it because it won't solve anything.

About the birthday, I still can't believe that even after we have finished schooling together, we still come together for birthday celebrations. This was the first time they ever celebrated for me because normally my birthday falls during the holiday period such as now, if we are still schooling. Look at the spread of food we had! Amazing...

The cake cutting part, yay! I seriously had no idea what to wish for. Come to think of it, I realise what I want in life is to hold on to the friendships that I have in life and the love from the family for as long as I am alive. This is what I should wish for. 

On a personal note, I also wish that things will keep improving in my life. I want to be more productive, more kind and friendlier, more hardworking and more grateful in life. You will never know when life is going to end. For as long as we are still here, we should live for the greater purpose in life.

Happy 35th birthday to me :)

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