Birthday Karaoke Session & Dinner at Fika Swedish Restaurant

It has been more than a year since our last meet up and it's always ALWAYS nice to have a karaoke session because it just takes you away from reality for awhile as you get lost singing your life away, haha. The inner karaoke queen or king will just come out and it's best to sing with friends and it's often a guarantee that you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. Of course if there are one or two of them who throw shades at your singing or a bit showy on their singing skills but whatever, the point is to simple have fun.

It was also fun having to guess what each other's favourite songs are and then our attempt at singing those songs that we thought would be easy to sing to...but it's not. Singing is definitely hard work. Anybody can sing but to be able to sing well and capture the audience's attention, that's another different ball game. Here, we are just girls who wanna have fun messing slaying song after song. 3 hours are not enough, I tell ya!

After our karaoke session, which ended around 9pm, we wanted to eat at Fika cafe but when we reached, they were technically closed as they only served desserts like cakes. But we were gawd damn hungry. 3 hours of singing, mind ya. But the waiter kindly suggested we go to another outlet if we can make in time. We thought of walking which was about 15 to 20 minutes of walk although there was the uncertainty of whether we would reach on time. Here's the funny thing. One of us didn't know they had an outlet at the location where we first went while the other one didn't know they had it at another location. Anyway, we ended cabbing to the other outlet and made it in time, phews. 

Anyway, the food was bomb like it was really delish. I had swedish meatballs, like the ones you buy from IKEA restaurant, but better. I thought I made a good option apart from my usual pasta dishes coz I love me some pastas...yumm. I mean coz it was a Swedish restaurant and what better way than to get a Swedish meal.

We did some sharing among ourselves like updates on each other's lives like what we're up to. And then talking about our other friends whom we used to hang out with and hoping things will get better for them. 

It was sweet of my two friends to get me a slice of cake from there although we were eyeing the red velvet cake which the table next to ours got..and they didn't finish it, hrmph. But ours, which was a banana chocolate cake, was also the bomb coz any cake that is chocolate, is always a winner to me, haha.

It was even sweeter when the waiter said that cakes are complimentary for birthday occasions. cake! What an icing on the cake.

Here are the pictures from the night. We have nicknamed ourselves Viva Girls as in Spice Girls Viva Forever song as we are hoping our friendship remains throughout the years. Thanks for the company, we will definitely do another meet up! :)

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