Sunday, September 11, 2016

Graduation Parade on 08 Sep 2016 at Sembawang Camp

After 9 weeks, my brother finally graduated after 9 weeks of vigorous training (and of coz, being fed good food) where he spent his week days and Sunday in camp answering to the call of duty. He is still serving NS but now is going to posted to a camp where he will be performing his vocation which is as a transport operator. I still can't believe this guy can drive now although he's still learning but you gotta hand it to him for bravely driving on Singapore road but of course with a lot of nervousness and he had no choice anyway, haha.

From the first time we found where he would be going, which was being posted to Tekong, there were a lot of emotions, well at least on my mum's part, and my brother who kept it to himself and didn't really want to talk about it, to him receiving his beret and meeting new friends.

We had to get used to him not being around except for weekend and we still go out on Saturday, except for the weekend where he had his very first book out, where he was was completely shagged and slept the whole day through. Things got better and we enjoy our Saturdays just like how we did for many years before NS beckons. 

However, being in NS means having a more active lifestyle which was a far cry from his sedentary lifestyle and he got sick a few times, having fever and cough pretty frequently. It worried my mum a lot. Even on the day where he was supposed to be part of the marching parade, there was concern over his health as he was feeling very weak from fever. It was sad for me and especially for him not being able to participate in the marching. 

Still, my mum still got to wear for him the beret and broke down seeing my teary eyed my brother, who was overwhelmed with emotions, coupled with his sickness and his relief in seeing my mum. It was such a touching moment that I almost shed a tear. But I needed to hold it together because when I cry, it will be damn ugly. Plus, I wanted to capture the moments through photos. 

We spent time watching the rest of the parade and then my brother picked up his things, and his bags were super heavy and we helped to carry what we could. Good thing, we could get a cab through booking and while in my heart, I was really hoping that I would not the fare wouldn't exceed the money I had in my wallet . It didn't help here were extra charges which kept increasing and increasing. Luckily, I remembered I had an extra $10.00 in my wallet which I didn't get to use at all. 

Enjoy the pictures below!

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