Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our Brief Outing During the Night Festival 2016

Last Saturday, we went to the Night Festival which is held annually and the Art Museum and the National Museum facade will transform as seen from the photos below. It's always something to look forward to and the white exterior has never looked so colourful. As for the National Museum, there were actually figurine displays made up of wires and florescent lights which will 'dance' to the music being played. Actually the music sounded as though we are watching a 90s game and even one of the guys watching was like pretending he was holding a handheld console and controlling the figurines, haha.

I would say that it was interesting although much of the crowd was actually at the food area with benches where people queue for food and beer. It's also a good set up for young entrepreneurs and also as a way of promoting food from hipster cafes. People are normally hungry when walking and standing around watching these displays and performances. Oh, speaking of performance, they also had a live band performance Honestly, it was quite cringe worthy but well, maybe the audience liked it, I dunno. 

We didn't quite venture out much. Just these two prominent ones and the one at Sota, which I often don't understand their exhibits but it's just me, as I just see them as just oversized light bulbs. But they do give us good lighting when we take a picture together, haha.

At the end of it, we had our meal at Four Fingers, after quite awhile, eating nicely flavoured chicken winglets and chicken salad..yumz. No picture because it was one messy affair, haha.

Earlier on, we continued on our Night Festival outing by going to along the stretch of road at the outside of Peranakan Museum where a live band was singing acapella and the lady did beat boxing..and she was so good at it. If I do, nothing but sprays of saliva will come out. There were people drinking beer out of plastic cups and the bottom of the drinks with cup, there is a lemonade that actually sparkles like fairy lights. Wow, I hope it's not dangerous for the drinkers, haha. 

It was pretty crowded and we actually had no intentions of going in in the first place either. Actually we went to the National Art Gallery first but my goodness, we had to wait 3 to 4 hours just to see the exhibits *faint* hence, we skipped it. We ever went before a couple times but never this crowded before. By the time we finish queueing, IF we were to queue, can forget about going home on time coz it was already 9.30pm when we reached there. Plus side, I got to catch a rare pokemon outside the gallery. At least I didn't leave 'empty handed' lol..

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