Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

Happy National Day Singapore!! It's your 51st birthday and as we're entering into the next 50 years, we can only hope that we stay united and not divided. There are many instability going on around the world. Not only do we hope for unity but safety. We may be small but we're not vulnerable.

As I was watching the National Day parade on television, where it was held in the National Stadium after a 10 year hiatus, there were many learning points besides watching the colourful array of performances. For example, giving our best in whatever we do and working hard and staying focused to achieve our dreams. 

The parade also gave special attention to our athletes who are currently competing in the Olympics games. All the best to you peeps and do our country proud :) 

A special feature also included doing the sign language to snippets of the song Count on me Singapore and Home. Me and my mum, along with the audience at the National Stadium and the Member of Parliament, were also trying our hands (no pun intended) to signing. It was actually quite fun :)

Also, because it was held indoors in a closed up area, the fireworks display were done indoors. Well they weren't as grand as the ones held outdoors which we got to watch from the bedroom windows. But I think if we were there, can still feel the atmosphere of being united and celebrating the birthday of our nation.

I can never forget the time we were there at the Marina Bay floating platform watching the National Day parade. I am not sure if my brother is able to attend next year though. He also had to return to his army camp and couldn't watch the NDP parade on tv. Sadness. Hopefully he gets to watch over the weekend when he's back.

Okay, here's the link below to Channel News Asia website to watch the recap of the National Day parade and also what goes on behind the scene.

Again, happy birthday to you Singapore!! And for many years ahead! :)

National Day

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