Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday Meet up & a Walkabout at My Friend's New Condo Residence!

After a few months, we had another meet up  for a friend's birthday and this time, it's kinda special because we get to use the pool facilities of my friend's new crib at a new condo residence called the Riversails  Condominium. It's located just after Hougang Mall at the road leading to Sengkang and Punggol. There is also a new mini shopping centre that has a supermarket that if she chooses to occupy her unit, it's just a 5 minute walk away. I'm so happy we get to see her house, yay! After years of waiting, she finally got the keys to the condo about a month ago. There are no utilities yet, coz she's still thinking on whether to sell it, but she's free to use the facilities and oh my gosh, I wanna go back again and this time, really use the swimming pool. She agrees so...Yay!

Her unit isn't big but for her, it will be just nice. For me, if I were to retire rich, will be just nice too for me and my two cats, haha. One can always dream, right? Just like what I wrote in my previous post, if you dream it, and worked very hard, you can either achieve your dreams or get the next best thing, as long you put in the time and effort to get to your desired destination.

My friend has worked hard in life. She's now a manager at her work place which she was so excited about when she first told me back in March. Although the house was paid in half by her parents, she still has the other half to worry about. But she can so far cope with the expenses, having a better job now, although at one point, she quit her job as the environment wasn't that good for her and she went on a mini job hunting. I said mini because she spent her time travelling and just relaxing. Good thing during this dry period, she somehow didn't have to fork out money for the condo's management yet. 

Sometimes you don't need to look far to find someone to look up to. It can be your parents, friends or colleagues. And it may not be just one. As long as that someone motivates you to be better at what you do or inspire you to do things that you thought you can never do. I have mentioned this a few times but I also look up to those young entrepreneurs who work very hard each day doing what they do and having fun at the same time too. Of course, there are tough moments too which they have also shared but during such times, they persevered and things do get better for them. Just like life itself, not everything is smooth sailing.

Anyway, my friend and her son enjoyed themselves thoroughly with the water play. Me and my other friend simply chilled at a good spot under a canopy structure with rattan chairs and table for our food. Such tai tai life, haha..

Her condo residence is beautiful!! It's not as fanciful as some other residences but I like the vibes that it's giving like it's so homely you know. I can imagine after work, I can chill at the pool or even at the sides of the pool where hammocks are available for us to chill. I can go to the sky garden and soak in the view or go on the exercise machine to destress. So fun.

So below are the pictures from the meet up and also a peek into my friend's house. 

Let's hope one day I get to that stage too :) One can always hope and dream, right?


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