Chasing Goals & Ambitions

I went to my friend's new condo residence and my gosh, I can stop thinking how lucky she is to have scored a unit aka bachelor pad, for herself, like it's really her proudest achievement. We didn't really stay long in her unit because it's empty and without utilities. She is still toying with the idea of selling it away, partly influenced by her father and her unreadiness to be staying alone. But judging from the condo facilities and how it pretty much felt like you are in the resort, plus the view from her home and her 'free' garden outside her windows as her unit is on the 2nd level only and her balcony has part of the condo's garden exterior. 

I will show pictures in the next post but this post is more about how I actually toyed with the idea of changing my retirement plan in the future from staying in a studio flat, for senior citizens with a lot of CPF money..heh, to a small condo unit. After spending time there, and walking around and exploring, now it just strengthen my motivation to do well in life so that I can go to the university, get a better paying job, and be able to save even more for a better future.

I know that well, in life, it's not about having a lot of money and a lot of luxury goods. We can have all those and still be unhappy. But it's about having a 'rich' life and being able to use our hard-earned money to good use by providing not just ourselves, but our immediate family, a more comfortable life. At least to me, that's how I see it. And also to us, to show to ourselves that hey, after so many years of slogging and working hard, there's something to show for. A house is also like an investment, should there be circumstances that we can't ignore financially, the house can be sold or rented for income.

Look, if at most I can afford is a resale flat, it doesn't matter either. But in life, we have to aim high. We have to chase our goals and have ambitions in life in order to progress. For now, I have to aim to have a good emergency savings, savings for further education, and savings for my own house. It will be nice if I can retire happily in a condo unit. 

But life is unpredictable. If I have worked very hard, and the next best thing I can get, is a nice looking resale flat unit, so be it. It doesn't mean I have failed. It's just that not everything we want, we can get. It's ok, life goes on. The point is that at least we have reached a milestone in life. We have done our best. If I can't get the condo unit, I still have my own house. I still have a good sizeable emergency fund. I am still in good health. 

But it's good to dream AND take action towards it. Don't just wait for opportunities to come. Show the world what you're good at and do more of them. You will never know what will happen in future but at least we don't spend our current moment waiting and waiting. Don't put yourself down that oh, you can't do it. Yes you can do it. If you failed, so what, it's all part of success. One door closes and the other door opens. 

For now, let us not lose sight of what we want out of life but at the same time, not to be too overwhelmed by it. Let's take each day one step at a time. And don't stop dreaming :)


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