Trip to Jalan Besar, Butter Studio & Queueing for Llao Llao

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I finally went to our first ever cafe adventure. We went to Butter Studio who often posted mouth watering cakes and drinks on instagram, which my brother followed, and has been bugging me ever since to bring him there. We kept thinking it was at some God forsaken old place along Jalan Besar that we have to find the ways that are not accessible by buses so it was quite put off. 

But one day, coz obviously, one can only hear so much of one thing, decided that hey, since it's around the pay day period, we shall just go (And get it over and done with, per say) and we took a bus from near our home and were very surprised that it wasn't that far away and it was actually accessible by bus. 

Yes, us and our paranoia.

It was a rather quaint cafe, not exactly bustling, but filled with about two groups of teenagers, or young adults, that were much hipper than us like one of those cool crowds that my nerdy teenage brother can't fit in, lol..and so can't I coz I'm so old already. But anyway, who cares about them. We sat near the counter and ordered us some nice cakes. We could have tried more but we shall leave that to another day. Plus, my pocket wasn't big enough,  haha.

The cafe is situated at one of the shophouses with three levels. Such great architecture that has been preserved from the past for our generations to marvel at. 

After our cafe adventure, we took a bus to the city, which wasn't too far away, about 10 to 15 minutes, for our next adventure which required....queueing.

Again, one of my brother's craving (the things I have to entertain) is to eat the popular Llao Llao frozen yoghurt. Seriously, it's just frozen yoghurt but sometimes, it's either hype or everyone seems to be into it which somehow drags in their friends and friends or friends to join in.

My attempt to fit into the cool crowd would work here by queueing (!) 20 minutes. But then again, I've queued for far longer than this, in the hot afternoon sun, as compared to this, in the confinement of an air conditioned place, so no complains here actually. 

I would say that it wasn't so bad. It wasn't fanatically good but I figured it was value for money for the one that we bought, which I think was called Sanum, and being the stingy me like what's new, I bought one and we shared. I think the price was justified for the toppings that they gave us which consist of three different fresh fruits, one topping and one sauce. 

Totally worth the queue as it was tasty but yah, I wouldn't queue on a frequent basis. Just for the novelty of it to check out the hype.

So, what will be our next cafe adventure? For this one, check out the pictures below!

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