Bad Coughing Ordeal

My absence from the blogging world and just when I promised that I would blog more often, and then I had to be plagued by really bad coughing fits that left me tired, especially work and school. Apparently, it was so bad that at the start of the early weeks of Jan, I had fever which left me so cold and hallucinating when attempting to sleep. How could I not sleep. I kept going to the toilet because my body mechanism was somehow screwed up and probably, it was trying to help me cope with my fever. 

In the end, my mum found out that I was indeed having a fever even though I kinda think that I wasn't. Remember, I was hallucinating. So, she gave me panadol, which is like the best quickest cure ever. I fell asleep without waking up and then by morning at about 5 plus, I was well enough to get up and sit down before getting ready for work.

But it was the start of my coughing nightmares. There was so much pghlem in my throat and there were frequent moments when I would cough like nobody's business like this throat was constantly tickled by a feather lodged in between. And please don't imagine that, haha. I couldn't talk normally because I would break into coughing spasm so I had to be careful. Of course, as careful as I was, the coughing spasm would come, whether or not I like it. Also, for the first time ever, I finished a full bottle of cough medicine. And I hate cough medicine but somehow, for this round, I was dependent on it. 

Now I would say that though I'm not 100% better, my condition is far better than it is before. I did had one moment of coughing fit but didn't feel like I was dying going to have some chronic attack. 

I've always thought that coughing is the least painful sickness, as compared to fever and sore throat, but this time round, I've been proven wrong. 

So please, people. Do take care of your health. It does teach me a thing or two about health and how I should be leading a more healthier lifestyle. More on that later. Well, things happen and our body does go through some sickness, like the common cold, and it could also be a reflection of how we have been mistreating our body, whether through our diet or our general lifestyle. It could be the weather too or when you're surrounded by inconsiderate people who cough at your face, but bottomline is, our health is wealth.

Stay healthy people and consume more food that has vitamins beneficial to our body.

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